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The .Web3 Domain Names are TLDs based on Ethereum Blockchain. Each NFT domain has a unique value of its own inside the Quik ecosystem. Each name is unique and can be minted just once on first minting basis. .address domain name minters get 5% royalty on all future sales of that particular name. Each NFT domain will be used in the future for several benefits inside the Quik Ecosystem, which includes hosting your web page, and using the NFT domain name as a replacement to your long cryptocurrency wallet address. Other uses might be discovered as the Quik ecosystem advances. Visit for more details.

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Frequently asked questions

Web3 is the 3rd generation of the evolution of the internet. Web3 is a decentralized space on the World Wide Web, making it devoid of any third-party restrictions. Web3 or Web 3.0 is a network space that leverages artificial intelligence, augmented reality, virtual reality, and machine learning to optimize the mechanism of using and interacting with today's Internet.

Web3 Domains are decentralized domain names with dot Web3 extension attached to them. For example, in the case of, the .com is the extension of the Quik domain name. Unlike traditional centralized domains, Web3 Domains on are powered by the Ethereum blockchain. Web3 domain names are digital assets that can be minted, stored, sold, or used as wallet addresses and decentralized website addresses on the Ethereum network.

Web3 domain names can be used for multiple purposes, including wallet addresses and decentralized website addresses inside the Quik ecosystem. The Web3 domains minted on work on the Ethereum blockchain network. Web3 domains can be minted, stored, transferred, and sold on the Ethereum network, giving them the label ‘NFT domains.’

To create your first Web3 website, you can visit your profile on Quik, then select the domain name on which you want to create the website or web page. Once on the inner page of the Web3 domain, click on "Manage." You will find options to create a site or web landing page.

To access decentralized applications, Web3 browsers are used. A few Web3 browsers like Opera, Brave, and Puma can help users access decentralized apps or DApps. Quik is developing a Google Chrome browser that will help users access their Web3 domains on Google Chrome. makes it easy to buy a Web3 domain name. Once you connect your Ethereum wallet, you can search for your desired name in the search bar. click on Mint beside the Web3 extension in the results, and approve the transaction in your wallet. Once the transaction is approved on the Ethereum network, the Web3 domain name shall be visible in your profile section.

A Web3 or Web 3.0 website is a decentralized webpage owned by the minter or buyer of a Web3 domain name that allows him to post content without the intervention of any third party. Web3 websites are the future of the internet as we see it today, as there is no centralized server required to run these websites, and these do not need to be renewed. The owner of the Web3 domain name remains the permanent owner of the Web3 website until he wishes to sell it.

To open Web3 applications or decentralized apps, users require Web3 browsers like Brave browser, Puma, or Opera. Web3 domain names can be used as an alternative to long cryptocurrency addresses. Quik's chrome extension can be used for the same.

You can mint your first Web3 domain name by searching for the same on the Quik search bar. Once you find the one you are looking for, you will be able to mint it if it has not been minted before. If it has been minted before, you will have to buy it from the current user.

A Web3 domain is a unique name that can be minted only once inside the Quik ecosystem. These Web3 domains are held on the ethereum blockchain rather than being maintained by a registrar. Quik name service helps users create memorable names that can be used as wallet addresses as an alternative to your long cryptocurrency address.