Unstoppable Domains Explained, FAQs

Unstoppable Domains Explained, FAQs

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Learn all about Unstoppable Domains - the decentralized web solution for your digital identity. Understand its benefits and how it differs from traditional domains. Check out our resource guide for more information!

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Unstoppable Domains is another innovative alternative within the Domain industry. Its jaw-dropping domain integrations and extensions helped it attain massive popularity in the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

Many in the business had already adapted to the ENS system and were simply unprepared for another development. ENS quickly became prominent in the decentralized domain sector, but unstoppable domains emerged to stand out and forge a new path within the ecosystem.

Unstoppable domains offer the best interoperability solutions for every user, whether a cryptocurrency investor, metaverse gamer/worker, NFT collector or just getting started in the blockchain sector.

Most likely, whether you have a website or are thinking about getting one, we recommend you wait a little and invest a few minutes in reading this article to help you understand more thoroughly!

The decentralized domain technology is still in its early stages but is progressing quickly and won't be long until it becomes mainstream. Many of them were indeed intrigued by the ENS surge, but what made the unstoppable Domain stand out? Let's discover!

What are Unstoppable Domains?

Unstoppable Domains are decentralized domain names based on blockchain technology that use smart contracts to authenticate all registrations.

Unstoppable Domain is based in San Francisco. It is built on Crypto Name Services (CNS) for hosting crypto-address content rather than standard websites that use Domain Name Services (DNS).

Its primary development goal was to connect Web2 and Web3 using blockchain technology. Unstoppable Domain offers you to establish a personalized blockchain-connected web address comparable to a URL.

It allows you to convert cryptocurrency addresses into simple, human-readable names. Unstoppable Domain allows its users easy access to any decentralized technology or dApp. So far, it has registered over 750,000 blockchain domain names.

Its primary ability to simplify crypto transactions has led to its widespread acceptance. It enables users to generate simple web addresses and removes the need to know a user's public key address, which consists of random alphanumeric sequences.

Unstoppable Domains also enables users to host decentralized websites by publishing them to the InterPlanetary File System (IPFS), a peer-to-peer (P2P) distributed storage and sharing system.

Unlike other domain name services, Unstoppable Domains offer users ultimate ownership over the blockchain domains you create. What distinguishes it from ENS Domains is that when you register an Unstoppable domain, you own it for life, rather than paying renewal fees and subscribing to a domain name.

The minting process is more straightforward than other providers (no extra paperwork). You can transfer, amend, and link the registered domain name to other services without concerning Unstoppable Domains.

Once registered or minted, even unstoppable domains cannot interfere with your domain name usage or other applications. Once transferred to your wallet, it serves all ties with the outside world and service providers, and when you utilize it, it appears as a new service controlled solely by you.

Over 50 cryptocurrency wallets accept unstoppable Domains. Users can host decentralized websites using unstoppable domains, which can be browsed natively via plugins or extensions available on Chrome, Opera, and other browsers.

Unstoppable Domains, as previously said, are based on Crypto Name Service (CNS) employing Ethereum smart contracts that ensure each blockchain name established is used unique and authentic owing to its decentralized nature.

Unstoppable Domains are issued as ERC-721 tokens, which implies they are also NFTs. It also has all of the NFT mechanisms, making it a unique, indivisible token representing one-of-a-kind digital and individual items.

ERC-721 simplifies the integration of unstoppable domains into other decentralized apps and allows users to manage their crypto domain ownership from relevant wallets, marketplaces, and exchanges.

Crypto Name Services comprises two smart contracts: the registry and resolver contracts. The registry contract oversees the entire process of minting a new crypto domain and subdomains, as well as the registration of domain ownership.

The registry contract does not contain any administrators, which means that no one can prevent you from registering a domain name that has not yet been registered. It also grants you total ownership and control rights that cannot be meddled with without your permission.

The resolver contract is then employed to resolve domains, translate the human-readable name into a cryptocurrency address, and store domain records. Unstoppable Domain integrates the web into blockchain technology, including Ethereum and Zilliqa.

It represents the next generation of web addresses governed by decentralization and user-centric priorities. It aims to bridge the power of blockchain technology into basic Web URLs by allowing users to create customized crypto addresses which are user-owned and controlled.

It plays a big part in establishing the groundwork for a more decentralized internet experience in which people control their data and value. This negates the third-party role, which even ENS couldn't!

About Unstoppable Domains

Matthew Gould and Bogdan Gusiev established Unstoppable Domains in San Francisco in 2018. It provides several blockchain domain extensions for users to connect them with Web3 and its decentralized blockchain-based ecosystem.

However, not every Browser can connect to or support blockchain domains. But, to assist you, below is a list of Unstoppable Domains supported browsers!

  • Opera+ supports the dotcrypto Unstoppable Domain extension.
  • The Brave Browser supports the dotcrypto Unstoppable Domain extension.
  • Google Chrome Extension supports all of the Unstoppable Domain extensions.
  • Unstoppable Browser supports dotcrypto and dotzil Unstoppable Domain extensions.
  • Firefox Extension supports all of the Unstoppable Domain extensions.

Unstoppable Domains presently lacks an official ticker symbol because of its private nature, and it is not publicly traded on the NYSE or NASDAQ. People who want to buy its pre-IPO shares must be angel investors first.

How to Configure Chrome for Resolving Unstoppable Domains?

Anyone can officially set up Google Chrome support for decentralized websites, and here's how:

  • Open Google Chrome and click the three dots (menu bar).
  • Select "settings," then the "privacy and security" tab.
  • Select "Security" once more, and then scroll down to "advanced," where you will see "use secure DNS."
  • There will be two options, with and without; now select the with option and select "custom."
  • After that, type it below https://resolver.unstoppable.io/dns-query, and you're done.

Your Chrome browser has finally been set to resolve Unstoppable Domains!

DNS-ENS-Unstoppable Domains: The Evolution of Web Domains

DNS is the current domain naming system that we are using. This website and other programs we use, such as Instagram, Twitter, and others, are all based on and connected to DNS.

However, everything on the internet today has an IP address, from your system to the current website you are on right now. The website and your device's IP addresses use numeric characters to communicate.

So, when you come back in, the website recognizes your profile created from your dedicated address to create a human-friendly experience.

It exchanges and transmits data using numeric characters, often known as a computer language. What we're doing today is typing the name of any website into a search engine and then operating; that's simple!

How is this possible? Because of domain technology! Users must type the complete numeric address without domains to reach any website. Consider remembering Google by its IP Address and passing one website IP Address to a friend like, hey, check this! (2.443.25.000) can you guess what it is about? No, right, not until you open and check.

However, First came the web2 Domain Name System, which we use to convert IP addresses into human-readable domain names. So, instead of knowing the IP Address, DNS presented us with a haven of domain names.

DNS provides two primary advantages that benefit:

  1. DNS provides domain name registrations that are easy to remember, resulting in fewer typos and allowing everyone to "actually" remember a site by its name. So, when it comes to memorizing content, it also helps you remember it by its website name (yeah, I remember it was on this "specific" website).
  2. DNS speeds up the entire process, resulting in the widespread acceptance of the internet using average human-readable solutions rather than just making it the developer's web.

DNS is still the system we use today and has made significant contributions thus far, which we cannot ignore. However, DNS has problems that should not be overlooked and may cause you to be concerned about your privacy.

One major disadvantage of DNS is that it is managed by The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), a non-profit organization with origins in the United States of America.

It is in charge of overseeing domain name registration and operation across the internet. It also calls into question the concept of net neutrality, making it one of the most commonly circulated arguments in the entire domain sector.

One of the reasons DNS has become so popular among hackers is that queries in DNS do not carry any information about the users initiating them. The server will only see the IP address from which the query originated, which hackers can sometimes alter.

DNS Servers are all founded on principles such as the king and its territories, which means that if the king is damaged or influenced in any way, it will be difficult for others to enter the region, which is the web address or database housed by the server (king's territory).

Hackers have an edge since they can attack the database server and reroute to other sites. Since they can continually find new ways to phish information, hacks and other such activities have become frequent in web2 domains.

These were the illegal hacks, and the legal hacks were these bodies, such as ICANN or any other operational website or application that stores all of your data, information, credentials, and additional information you upload or use in it.

This also implies that when you sign up for an application, the host saves all of your information and can remove your content and entire profile, leaving you with nothing. It also protects and stores data and occasionally shares it with marketers, which is why we get relevant advertising and feel futuristic. Still, it is your data that is being sold.

As a result of such activities and the goodness DNS and web2 depict, there are some hidden downsides that many consumers are still unaware of. However, to combat the centralized servers, a decentralized naming system, the Ethereum Name Service, was developed (ENS).

ENS Domains Explained, FAQs
Here’s a complete guide to ENS Domains and its game-changing features!

ENS is a similar approach to the problem to enhance the user's experience. ENS Domains witnessed a significant spike when prominent Ethereum users began embracing it and integrating their social media profiles and wallets.

ENS Domains improved the entire domain game by utilizing blockchain technology and abolishing the need for ICANN and other third-party participation. It was the catalyst for the decentralized race within the web domain industry.

ENS Domains not only enabled users to host censorship-resistant websites but also exposed everyone to integrating it into digital crypto wallets by substituting crypto addresses and generating digital identity.

In web2, crypto addresses function similarly to IP addresses. Each person has a unique crypto address that anyone can use or create for any reason. Crypto addresses, unlike IP addresses, are 42-character-wide alphanumeric addresses that begin with "0x," making it "0x...."

It was difficult to process any crypto exchange and memorize 42 alphanumeric characters, which were later replaced with ENS Domains, which began a trend in the cryptocurrency market.

It simplified the process of sending cryptocurrency or another digital asset to anyone using a crypto wallet and replacing its alphanumeric address with a personalized ENS Domain, making it fast, simple, and comfortable.

It saved users from all errors, as one mistake in a crypto exchange could permanently result in the user losing all funds. Because it makes reading blockchain addresses simple and memorable, ENS can be considered the Web3 version of DNS.

ENS provides some of the same essential benefits as DNS, making it a far superior choice, such as:

  1. Given its blockchain native technology, ENS Domains are harder to hack, making them more secure than DNS.
  2. ENS Domains accelerates crypto transactions while improving the overall exchange process by helping customers avoid mistakes.
  3. Most corporations declare their entry into Web3 in the same way they raced into Web2 and its early stages, but why? Because ENS Domains enable users to create a decentralized area in which they can customize the entire operation to be censorship-resistant, as well as re-shape and develop activities for consumers inside an infinite boundary.

Like DNS Domains established its race, ENS did the same, but ENS lacked a few spaces, causing many users to step back or stop adapting to the technology and its growing benefits.

ENS Domains are decentralized, operate on protocols, and include the NFT mechanism; nonetheless, ENS Domains are subscription-based, with annual subscriptions required to keep the ENS Domain operational.

This is a significant problem that caused users to reconsider. When it comes to subscriptions, decentralization is called into question, and similarly, the renewal cost varies according to the number of characters, making it both challenging and complicated.

Then came Unstoppable Domains, which was also decentralized but still managed to ring the bells and spark its surge. It overcame the ENS weakness, resulting in its widespread adoption and tremendous growth.

Users can customize human-readable cryptocurrency URLs by changing alphanumeric blockchain addresses with Unstoppable Domains. The procedure is identical to how we described ENS and DNS for converting IP or Blockchain addresses to human-readable addresses.

Unstoppable Domains made it simple for crypto exchangers by making the transaction procedure stress-free. ENS Domains provides the same, but users are subject to renewals and subscriptions, which can be tedious to remember and maintain, although timers can be set.

On the other hand, Unstoppable Domains allows users to hold the Domain for life once they register it through any secondary marketplace or its official website. Unstoppable Domains supports a variety of blockchains or dApps and can be used to host decentralized websites, create decentralized identities, integrate with crypto wallets, and so on.

Unstoppable Domains is censorship-resistant, and while constructing a decentralized website, a user can upload their website to the IPFS. It also offers several TLDs for users to select for their decentralized avenue.

Although the corporation received backlash for being private, this is a trivial point to consider. Unstoppable Domains also holds some well-known domains of businesses and celebrities in reserve to prevent domain squatting.

ENS and Unstoppable Domains are NFTs, which can be transferred to another wallet as quickly as NFTs. However, ENS Domains complicates matters by altering the membership and renewal fees.

However, the menu is served, and you can choose what you want. We would also advise you to conduct your research and delve deeper into the topics to understand better and comprehend them.

Comparing the Three!

DNS, ENS, and Unstoppable domains share a common goal, but their functions are distinct. They all reduce complex machine-readable internet addresses to a single human-readable domain name.

However, they operate differently as:

  • DNS is centralized, meaning users only rent domains and do not control any data, information, or websites.
  • ENS is decentralized but still has subscriptions and renewals, casting doubt on its decentralized origins.
  • Unstoppable Domains are 100% decentralized, which comes with the slight drawback of losing your wallet, losing everything.
  • Due to recent occurrences and events, the chances of DNS being hacked are higher.
  • The likelihood of ENS being hacked is limited since multiple computers validate the ENS Domain name associated with a specific user's wallet.
  • Unstoppable Domains, like ENS, are decentralized. However, because ENS manages the domain subscription, it is more subject to centralized attacks. Still, when a user buys Unstoppable Domains, it remains in the wallet forever and breaks links with everyone except the owner.
  • Registering a DNS domain is complicated and time-consuming. It requires a lot of paperwork, which means that even if you go through all the difficulties of owning the domain name, you are still renting it, and your users can be revoked at any time.
  • Registering an ENS Domain is less stressful because there is no paperwork involved. However, there are still processes that must be completed. It is built on blockchain technology, which means no one can object to how you use the domain name, and it is public, so there is no single controlling entity. But you're still going through all this to rent an ENS domain.
  • Unstoppable Domains are more accessible to register than NFT; you only need dedicated cryptocurrency or fiat currency to register or buy an Unstoppable Domain name.
  • DNS Domains are registered through several market service providers. They are one of the hierarchical layers of extra fees that commence at the top of the tree and work their way down to service providers, where each stage has its price levied, making it expensive along with annual subscriptions.
  • ENS Domains are registered natively on the Ethereum Blockchain, which affects gas prices and may increase costs depending on the length of the name.
  • Unstoppable Domains are registered natively on the Polygon/Ethereum/Zilliqa blockchain, where only gas payments are required, which are low and minimal compared to Ethereum gas prices.

When it comes to embracing any technology and comprehending the current technology, comparing DNS, ENS, and Unstoppable Domains is crucial for everyone to better understand all the existing name systems.

Nobody can or wants to access the internet by remembering IP addresses, do you? As a result, domain names make it simple for everyone to use the web by using easy-to-remember names, and they are also a convenient way to recall everything on the internet, even while surfing.

All services allow users to rename their internet addresses, which improves security within the space, increases interaction speed, and enhances user experience.

However, global decentralized space usage is still expanding and has not established a foothold in public, like centralized domains are accessible from every part of the globe. But it does have a promising future, which will undoubtedly be shaped significantly by NFT Domains.

To learn more about ENS Domains, we have a dedicated article ready for you to read here (1). We've covered everything you need to know about ENS Domains and how DNS and ENS work to help you differentiate!


Ethereum Name Service operates a DAO, a structural design constructed to provide widespread and unfiltered participation of the organization's members. In the cryptosystem, participation rights are tokenized, and each token holder is regarded as a member of the DAO.

Members of the DAO can vote on proposals and propose improvement suggestions to the rest of the holders via voting portals. ENS distributed its governance token (ENS) to domain owners via ENS airdrop.

ENS holders could then vote on suggestions on the ENS governance portal. To submit a proposal, a user must have 100,000 ENS tokens. Personal topics are limitless and can cover all aspects of the venture, including legislation and finance.

Any proposal that receives a majority of votes is passed and executed. On the other hand, Unstoppable Domains has yet to create a similar infrastructure and has been criticized for being private multiple times.

But that's only one aspect; at least unstoppable domains aren't subscription-based, making them distinguishable from all the other names on the market.


As an open-source protocol, Ethereum Name Service runs as a public-oriented system, and external developers have access to its codebase. The ENS DAO supports decentralization and community engagement in project administration, while the open-source framework allows developers to provide technical contributions.

Unstoppable DOmains, on the other hand, is a profitable corporation that is privately owned. It is brand protected to keep fraudulent people from holding specific names or phrases. Several people have complained about being unable to create domains using their names.

Are Unstoppable Domains NFT?

Yes, Unstoppable Domains are NFTs, and it optimizes all of the authentication and exchange components of NFTs. NFT Domains, Blockchain Domains, Crypto Domains, Web3 Domains, or Decentralized Domains are all acronyms representing Unstoppable Domains.

The NFT mechanism makes it easier for users to register and store the Domain in crypto wallets without third-party involvement. Service providers cannot interfere with NFT Domains once held in the user's wallet.

Unstoppable Domains do not expire and therefore do not require any renewals or subscriptions. It is a one-time investment, which means you can transfer, share, swap, purchase, or sell it whenever and however you choose.

Many NFT collectors also gravitate toward owning NFT Domains because they can be kept in the wallet as an asset and similarly for the utility aspects of being used for modifying cryptocurrency addresses into legible names and other purposes.

Since NFTs are asset-driven, they can only be stored in a wallet and generate a unique code for a digital item that cannot be replicated. NFT Domains are simply an updated form of NFTs that includes all the functionalities of NFTs and other beneficial features that connect all blockchain applications and technology.

We have a complete article dedicated to NFT Domains, which you can read here (2). This article will provide a comprehensive overview of the NFT and blockchain mechanisms included in Unstoppable Domains.

11 Reasons Why you need Unstoppable Domain

These 11 reasons will help you comprehend the most crucial aspects of Unstoppable Domain. It has some unique advantages when compared to others on the market, including the possibility of eliminating the complete renting mechanism.

Here are 11 reasons why you need Unstoppable Domain:

1. You no longer need to be concerned about losing your payments due to long alphanumeric wallet addresses.

As with Unstoppable Domains, you can purchase a blockchain domain, connect it to the wallet, and share the customized name, which now becomes your personalized wallet address and use it to transfer or exchange, even as your identity.

2. Our identity is split across all of Web2's websites and services, with multiple passwords and personas to maintain. The competence you keep on LinkedIn is something you do not carry on Instagram. This also produces a poor credible experience for users when spotting a vulnerable or false identity.

Unstoppable domains, on the other hand, allow users to create a single identity that circulates throughout the decentralized ecosystem (wallet) with single passwords (private key) and easy data integration with the application, which signs out once the user or its wallet departs the platform.

3. This also resulted in establishing a reputation system within the web3 environment. We cannot track online reputation across multiple apps and conclude if one has thousands of followers or friends in one account while another has a handful.

On the other hand, Unstoppable Domains allows you to construct a single online reputation tied to your identity that carries your complete credibility across the entire ecosystem. You will never have to rebuild any reputation score or identity since once built with Unstoppable Domain, it follows you with everything you do.

4. No subscription or renewal is needed, as Unstoppable Domains offer a one-time investment. Once registered, it is stored in your wallet forever and cannot be tampered with by anyone other than the wallet owner.

5. Any user who wants to construct a web3 website can do so easily by using Unstoppable Domain's pre-made templates, which make it simple for anyone to establish a simple and quick website. Users possessing NFTs can also host a gallery-style decentralized website for presenting the collection, similar to a virtual museum.

6. As the web moves toward Web3 and its decentralized characteristics, having a digital identity will become increasingly vital. Users can quickly build and modify their digital identities using Unstoppable Domain, which allows them to keep up with technology and ensures the wallet or identity stays secure.

7. NFTs are digital property, and possessing one will soon become a significant element of the decentralized ecosystem. Users can mint any item and keep its authenticity as NFTs to prove ownership of digital property.

Since your NFT Domain serves as your digital identity, you may also associate it with your digital property (NFT) and preserve it for a more personalized experience. So when you sell it, it creates a decent portfolio catching attention.

8. In exchange for providing you with individualized services, all web2 applications, websites, or other associated platform store and save your data on their centralized servers.

This allows corporations to benefit from your data. In addition, several firms have had data breaches, placing your data at risk of being lost to unknown sources.

However, Unstoppable Domains gives you control over the data ownership and management, allowing you to choose whether or not to grant authorization to any dApp and receive personalized advertisements.

9. Humanity check is a verified identity layer automatically attached to your NFT Domain. It demonstrates that the NFT domain holder is unique in enhancing customer experience and earning incentives without exposing any information. This is important as it tags you as an official owner or holder of any minted Unstoppable Domain.

10. We still need off-chain access to information, as not all data can be stored on blockchain since it may be too vast to be effectively held, and data also need to be able to be modified or deleted, which is hard when it comes.

However, users can connect off-chain data such as social networking sites and their links to Unstoppable Domain and improve integration and user enhancement.

11. Every Web3 Domain in Unstoppable Domain supports over 275 cryptocurrencies and tokens, making crypto transactions more straightforward to conduct irrespective of the blockchain network.

Unstoppable Domains Security Guidebook

Self-custody is a critical component of Unstoppable DOmain, and it is what makes it more decentralized. This is also what gives you complete control over the domain. A self-custody solution exists since your domain consists of asset attributes on the blockchain and can be saved in the wallet as an NFT.

This custodial mechanism grants Unstoppable Domains numerous abilities that ordinary domains cannot, such as:

  • You may host decentralized websites with Unstoppable Domains.
  • Any authority cannot capture an unstoppable domain.
  • Unstoppable Domains can be exchanged, swapped, and sold without the approval of anyone other than the domain owner.
  • Unstoppable Domains provide the owner with complete control, access, management, ownership rights, and the ability to add crypto addresses and point content to the domain.

Things you can do with Unstoppable Domains

Unstoppable Domains offers users a variety of resources to assist them in getting the most out of Web3 domain technology. It is one of the leading providers, exploring domain technology and extending its reach and then use cases, some of which are as follows:

Create Profile Badge with Unstoppable Domain

Creating profile badges allows users to display their Web3 or decentralized accomplishments. Unstoppable Domains has developed a variety of badges based on successful projects and community voting, including some well-known NFT ventures (BAYC).

It enables users to showcase their work or how many web3 domains, cryptocurrencies, NFT, etc., on their shared public ud.me profile pages. All Unstoppable Domains owners have access to the Profile Badge functionality.

This allows users to enhance their Web3 identities while sharing their decentralized experience with the entire community. Your decentralized tree was formerly only visible through transaction processing through transaction logs, but now everyone can see how you reached this portfolio size.

So, badges represent your wallet transactions converted into accolades assigned to each profile depending on their wallet's on-chain activities. Since these are based on wallet transactions linked to Unstoppable profiles, it is a simple method to build your portable, on-chain reputation for supporting projects of interest.

Unstoppable Domain badges are designed to celebrate the crypto ecosystem by representing each individual's experience, and the best thing is that they are simple to use.

Copy and paste your unique domain profile link into your preferred social media channels, and your badge and achievements will be connected to the front! Here's how to add a Badge to your profile:

Sign up for Unstoppable Domains using your credentials or a dedicated wallet. Navigate to "Manage my Domains" and choose the domain name profile where you want the badge to show. Now navigate to "Domain profiles" and click "Generate badges."

Once completed, all transactions from your dedicated wallet to your NFT Domain are reviewed, and the badges you acquire along the way will appear on your profile. It reads every on-chain transaction history and assigns relevant badges accordingly.

Unstoppable Domain users have complete control over their badges and can choose what information is displayed to the public on their profile. You can also modify the visible badges with a single click.

It is also entirely up to you to add new badges to your profile; to see if you have earned any new ones, log into your profile and reload the page. To update badges depending on transaction history, click the "refresh" button.

Furthermore, Unstoppable Domains provide many improvements to domain profiles, including:

  1. Suppose you use Humanity Check to verify your unique identity. In that case, it will appear on your profile that your "Public Humanity Check Verification" has been authorized, indicating that you are not a bot.
  2. Unstoppable Domains' goal is to allow users to establish their domains as extensions. They have allowed all users to upload a personalized banner to enhance its interface.
  3. It also aspires for the domain profile to represent all of your accomplishments, relationships, attachments, and web2 personal blogs, websites, and whatever else the user wants to add by simply inserting the links for a more integrated user experience.

Personalizing with Reverse Resolution

Web3 focuses on decentralized governance, yet complex crypto addresses and bad UX are entry obstacles that limit widespread use. As a result, Unstoppable Domains' goal is to make Web3 adoption more accessible and personal by substituting crypto wallet addresses with human-readable names.

Like Web2 was first built with algorithmic programming characters only known to developers, domain technology has allowed it to be widely embraced. Unstoppable domains are Web3's version of the previously described domains.

Reverse Resolution is a feature that allows programs, wallets, metaverse games, and other services to display your newly created web3 domain name instead of your wallet address. Users can enable reverse resolution and make it their primary Domain to showcase their unstoppable domain name in place of their wallet address wherever on the internet.

It lets you display your identity while generating a personalized web3 and metaverse experience. When you sign up for any dApp with reverse resolution enabled, you will see your unique domain name instead of a long series of alphanumeric addresses.

Consider a world in which your digital avatar's name is your NFT Domain or a place where you can represent your Domain on the scoreboard of a metaverse game (simply not possible with traditional domains). It is a simple approach for platforms to improve and tailor their user experience for increasing adoption.

Reverse resolution is responsible for linking your on-chain activities to your Web3 identity or searching for other users' transactions quickly. Platforms that display on-chain data also allow other users to discover transactions by searching for a domain name.

Reverse resolutions also improve the transparency of Web3 governance. Furthermore, DeFi protocols allow users to view liquidity pool activities and governance recommendations using it quickly. Similarly, DAOs employ reverse resolution to construct identities for DAO proposals being voted on so that users know who is voting for what proposal.

To configure your reverse resolution, launch unstoppable domains and navigate to "my domains," then click "manage," then "reverse resolution," and finally, "start record update." Your reverse resolution is now enabled.

After you enable reverse resolution, your domain name will begin to display on any platform that has this feature integrated. Applications that use web3 domains must manually include reverse resolution, and unstoppable domains commit users to see significant enhancements soon!

Unstoppable Email Forwarding

Unstoppable Domains now allows users to send end-to-end encrypted emails. Unstoppable Email is an anonymous method of engaging with businesses, services, and groups while protecting the privacy of the individual's email address.

Web3 revolves around ownership, but preserving control over your data can sometimes be tricky. You are frequently requested to share your Email to receive urgent or vital updates from companies, partners, games, etc.

It is difficult to determine who has access to your Email or controls what emails are delivered to you. That is why unstoppable emails are the new approach to preserving your email privacy.

Unstoppable Domain now allows its holders to create a free unstoppable email address, such as [(domain name)(unstoppable Extention)@ud.me]. Also, Suppose you want to use your primary email address and add an extra layer of secrecy. In that case, you can create a @ud.me unstoppable email address that will forward everything to your private email address.

You will now start receiving and responding to messages without disclosing your primary email address. Unstoppable Email also enables you to block addresses, accept select senders, or switch off forwarding entirely, all from the official Unstoppable domain website's domain profile page.

Unstoppable Domains is dedicated to protecting user privacy while remaining decentralized. By default, the unstoppable email function is turned off. Through the email page, users can activate and manage unstoppable emails.

Users have two options: use Unstoppable Email to redirect their emails to their private email address or any other address, or use Unstoppable Domain's partners to create a new email online and mobile application.

If you choose your email address or the first option, any communications sent to your unstoppable email address will be routed to your inbox. Those emails will be sent to you via your unstoppable Email, but you will receive them in your primary inbox. When you reply to them, they will be sent via your unstoppable Email rather than your primary Email.

In the end, this protects the privacy of your private email address. You can turn to forward on and off anytime and ban any sender. Suppose you choose the second option for creating an account with an unstoppable associated application (any) using your unstoppable Email. In that case, you can send end-to-end encrypted, secure messages and receive and respond to messages.

Most Web3 applications have no way of communicating directly with users; all they have are anonymized wallet addresses. For the first time, applications can request any user's unstoppable email address as part of their log-in with unstoppable, which is an easy-to-implement configuration.

When you log in with unstoppable, you will have the choice to share your unstoppable Email or not. Unstoppable Email is a privacy-focused method for your chosen platforms to stay in touch with you while also adhering to the Web3 anonymity concept.

It also protects your privacy by keeping your personal information secure. This has undoubtedly prompted several supporters to investigate and be drawn to blockchain domains for their decentralized applications that provide first-of-its-kind privacy-centric communication.

Unstoppable Domain pioneered email privacy and functionality in web3 by providing each unstoppable domain holder with a free unstoppable email address. Having Email and a domain coupled creates a single Web3 identity that requires no other alternatives.

One Identity for All

Say goodbye to fragmented digital identities because you can finally be yourself wherever you go. In Web2, your digital identity is dispersed over multiple networking platforms. It implies that your Instagram account allows you to store information and content on Instagram, but your Instagram social graph does not accompany you on TikTok or anywhere else.

Instagram owns your account and has complete power over it, allowing them to alter your content, suspend your account, or even erase it on the spur of the moment. You have no ownership or rights to any digital data or profile in the existing system.

Re-read the same thing with your other accounts, and you'll realize how fractured the entire system is. When you join a new platform or application, you must provide personal information in exchange for access to the forum.

You must create your profile, enter the same information on every site, and eventually rebuild your reputation from scratch (again/on every app). Worse, if you try to log in using your email address, you will be limited in the information you share.

This procedure is simply inefficient since your identity is dynamic, and your preferences, activities, connections, and so on are constantly changing, which should be represented concurrently on your profile across all platforms so that you may have a more autonomous and personalized experience.

This is where unstoppable domains come into play, enabling you to create a single, universal digital identity and shift away from web2 applications into an open, boundless decentralized world.

The best thing is that you and only you have control over the data, how it is shared, and with whom it is shared. If you do not want to share information with any person or website, you can opt-out using the above steps and manage your settings.

Your unstoppable Domain is the key to your self-sovereign identity, and as a result, you are the only person who can decide what happens and what does not.

Log-in with Unstoppable

Logging in with Unstoppable Domain lets you utilize a unique NFT Domain as your identity to log into both Web2 and Web3 programs. It strengthens and personalizes your crypto wallet address, allowing it to store more advanced personal information (sites) that you may share with applications and tailor according to your experience further.

Wallets cannot identify a single person with many unique wallet addresses. So, when you log in with Unstoppable Domain, you can securely transport your unique username across different programs, services, games, and anywhere you login with Unstoppable by integrating several addresses into one unstoppable Domain.

This simplifies the onboarding experience across all web3 applications since you don't have to manually input or upload any information every time you create a new account. Once integrated, it automatically updates your data with the unstoppable Domain.

Your unstoppable Domain also allows you to opt-in to share off-chain and on-chain data with applications you use, such as email addresses and unique Humanity Check Identifiers, to gain access to particular in-app experiences, improve your onboarding, and qualify for incentives.

You will soon be able to exchange metadata on Web3, such as community affiliations and social networking accounts on Web2. No one can stop you from being yourself online when your digital identity is genuinely portable.

With an unstoppable domain, you will be among the first to enjoy the advantages, which will grow in the future. You will no longer be forced to create 100s of accounts and passwords across various apps and sites.

Over 125 dapps and projects have merged with Log-in with Unstoppable to improve your web3 experience. You can connect a wide variety of your data to your unstoppable Domain, ensuring its safety and security (decentralized).

Unstoppable Domains states that its primary focus is the privacy and security of its users, which is why Unstoppable Log-in is private and decentralized. Your data is always yours, and you have complete discretion over what data is shared with which applications.

You are the one who allows your unstoppable Domain to point to both on-chain and off-chain data without jeopardizing your privacy or security. Some of your data, such as crypto wallet addresses or NFT avatars, are excellent candidates for on-chain storage, and other data that you believe is sensitive should be kept off-chain.

Monetizing with Unstoppable

Controlling your information and data is always a worthy addition when running a business. Soon, you will be able to share your data with dapps, companies, and services in exchange for goods or services, like payment, a tailored experience, or rewards in Web3.

When you have data control, you can decide when and how the data is shared or for what purposes. This is only conceivable when the data becomes portable and controllable. It is also beneficial in sustaining the marketing business within the decentralized ecosystem.

Your connections and reputation on one site do not transcend on another. Consider how famous Vines was before it was shut down when many content creators lost their audiences and had to rebuild it on another network.

The current Web2 dynamics offer third parties access to your data, and if they want to increase prices or de-platform you, they can. Unstoppable Domains allows you to take your entire community of followers, connections, badges, and so on, as well as your total reputation, with you wherever and whatever app you go.

You may effortlessly switch platforms without losing any data, reputation, or friends and carry all within your unstoppable Domain with you everywhere you go. Unstoppable domains seek to develop a Web3 ecosystem as fast as possible.

Imagine a world in which you have complete control over everything that happens within your internet domain or in which you carry your entire digital reputation, identity, and everything in one unstoppable Domain, and everything is secure and private!

Although Unstoppable Domains are still in the early phases of development, purchasing one today guarantees you a seat at the decentralized party.

Unstoppable Mobile App

Unstoppable domains also released its own iOS/Android app to put everything at the user's fingertips. It enables users to manage their Web3 identity while on the move. Users can:

  1. Mint, backup, and domain management are all included.
  2. Create a profile card for displaying your digital identity across social networking sites.
  3. It allows you to log in to 180+ services, metaverses, and games that integrate log-in with Unstoppable and other wallet-connect compatible programs.

The new Unstoppable mobile app provides various solutions for securely managing their digital identity. It enables users to update their personal information, govern shareable data, and regulate how their identity is represented across numerous applications.

You may mint unstoppable domains directly from its app, and you can also pick how you want to connect with your domains by importing wallets or linking to other wallets. The Unstoppable app automatically displays the wallet apps you have installed on your device.

Users can also back up their domains to ensure they always have access, even if their phone is lost, stolen, or otherwise rendered inoperable. Users can back up domains manually or store an encrypted copy on iCloud or drive.

The mobile app communicates with the Unstoppable Domain website. It delivers an interoperable experience in which you can fully utilize domain management capabilities such as maintaining profiles, creating websites, choosing email forwarding, and setting up the reverse resolution, among other things.

It also allows you to select a digital identity card to help you share your web3 identity on social media or elsewhere. You can download a personalized card with your NFT Domain, profile photo, and a link to your domain profile which can be personalized on your lock screen, watch face or shared on social media.

You can quickly change your profile picture via the Unstoppable Domains website or your smartphone app. Unstoppable domains are more compelled to continue their blockchain domain discoveries and developments.

One of its endeavors is the mobile application, which allows users to connect with digital identities while bringing together offline and online experiences for users anywhere, at any time. Users can also utilize the mobile app to communicate with and discover other domain owners.

It still intends to construct and publish several works to make it easier for programmers and partners to add identity and domain management features to their mobile apps. These characteristics are readily available via Unstoppable domains and its unstoppable discoveries for expanding web3 domain use cases and functions.

Seed Phrases and Unstoppable Domain App

First, you will need to import the wallet address from the Android or iOS Unstoppable Domain app into a new wallet to sign off on modifications such as website reviews, etc.

Launch the Unstoppable Domain app, navigate the "back up domains" tab, and hit the Unstoppable Domains wallet. This will show the recovery phrase, which can be used to restore/import the wallet in most wallet programs.

Now, open the wallet extension and select "import using account seed phrase." This will launch a new tab in your browser where you must enter the 12-word seed phrase from the mobile app and create a password before clicking "restore."

The Unstoppable Domain has now been successfully imported into your wallet. You may directly administer the Unstoppable domain and make changes to it. This includes using the wallet option to check off and on-chain changes to crypto addresses, building websites, etc.

How to Buy Unstoppable Domains?

You can buy Unstoppable Domain from another user or create a brand-new Unstoppable Domain. Here's a step-by-step guide for getting your hands on the decentralized trend of domain names!

We've covered the principles of Unstoppable Domains. Now let's get to the meat of the matter. You must sign up with Unstoppable Domains, set up an account, and search for the domain name you want to register on its landing page.

Buying an unstoppable domain is equivalent to purchasing a car, and minting an unstoppable domain is equivalent to receiving the keys. Adding crypto addresses and metadata is identical to personalizing your vehicle.

Here’s how to buy Unstoppable Domains:

It currently offers 10 TLDs, and depending on the distinctiveness and demand for the requested domain name, it may already have been minted. Choose an available domain name and add it to your virtual cart.

When you're done, click "checkout" and go to payment, where you can pay with a debit/credit card, cryptocurrencies, or PayPal. Choose your preferred payment method and then complete the purchase.

When you complete the purchase, the domain will be automatically transferred to your connected wallet, which you can view on the "my domains" tab. A "free mint" section is also available on Polygon for eligible domains that have not yet been minted (new/fresh domain name).

Here’s how you mint Unstoppable Domain for Free via Polygon Network:

Click on the "free mint" button and select "proceed" to start the procedure of minting. Select accept the wallet where you want the domain name to be coined. Then, after reviewing the information, click "confirm." You will be asked to enter the TFA code to validate your email address.

Once you've verified your transaction with the code, the minting process will commence. The Polygon network is more straightforward and faster than the Ethereum network, and it won't take much longer to mint your domain on Polygon.

Now, add crypto addresses and Metadata to your domain. For accepting payments via your domain name, you can provide receiving addresses for numerous supported cryptocurrencies.

Anyone can transfer your funds by entering your domain name in the recipient address box if you attach any cryptocurrency address to the domain name.

By substituting the alphanumeric string of cryptocurrency addresses, Unstoppable Domains simplifies cryptocurrency transactions and helps you prevent errors.

Here’s how to add a cryptocurrency address to the Unstoppable Domain:

Once the new domain is created, click "manage" under the "my domains" section. Enter your cryptocurrency addresses now. You can also type "currency" to find any token that isn't on the default list.

Once you've inserted the address, validate the modifications and sign the transaction in your wallet when prompted. The blockchain will then be updated with all the changes, which might take up to 10 minutes.

You will not be able to amend or add any further information while the transaction is in progress. To do so, wait for the transaction to be marked as finished on the "transaction page."

Here’s how you can redirect to a traditional domain:

Stay put until redirection to a regular domain becomes more seamless. For now, all you need to do is create an "index.html" file with the necessary content, insert "HTTPS://" in the website URL, and save the document as "plain text" rather than "rich text."

Upload the "index.html" file to IPFS by tapping the "upload website files" option in the "manage > website" menu under the "my domains" tab. Once the file has been posted, scroll down and click "start website" (done).

Unstoppable Authentication Protocol

Login with Unstoppable enables domain owners to log in and exchange information with other programs and developers to store data about their clients without developing a full-fledged CRM tracking system.

We've previously gone over login with unstoppable depth. These functionalities, however, are implemented with the Unstoppable Authentication protocol, an OpenID Connect extension used to approve resource access. Scroll up to learn more about Login with Unstoppable!

Here are five things you must note before buying Unstoppable Domain:

#1 Ensure whether it offers complete ownership or is rental!

Regarding any purchase decision, pricing is usually a significant consideration. It is simple to get enticed into purchasing a domain at a low price, but this is a fraud because not all domain purchases are identical. Some registrars provide low-cost pricing but charge hefty annual renewal costs.

It then binds you to pay yearly fees to keep the domain active. Before getting stuck in a process, check these salient points:

  1. Check whether you own the domain or rent it for the rest of your life.
  2. Check to see if your domain name has renewal fees, if they remain the same or rise over time, and what happens if you fail to pay.
  3. Check to see if the gas fees are covered in full or only for you to proceed with the process. Unstoppable Domains covers the entire gas fee, so there are no renewal or monthly payments, making it a one-time investment.

#2 Ensure the domain name is unique but simple!

When buying a domain name, be sure it is unique, simple, and, more importantly, easy to remember, read, and identify. Avoid using double letters in the name when people send, transfer, and exchange with you via the domain to minimize misunderstanding. They might get confused.

#3 Ensure the service provider is offering customer support!

Some service providers give 24/7 help, while others do not. Some companies employ their sales crew instead of forming a specialized support team, while others provide bot support via chats and emails.

So, before purchasing a domain, look into the service provider's support team and connect once for a better concept. You will undoubtedly want to sign up with a company that provides expert services and help.

#4 Ensure the domains support the browser or have native browser support!

If you intend to use the domain to host a website, you should look for a service provider with its browser or at least supports browser extensions and provides templates to make it easy to host a creative decentralized website.

Check whether they are browser compatible and have a Chrome or Firefox extension. So far, few browsers support NFT domains for hosting web3 pages, but this will change as the technology grows in popularity.

#5 Ensure wallet compatibility

What's the purpose of this entire discussion if the NFT Domain is simply incompatible with the wallet? Don't worry. It is compatible with various wallets, but make sure the domain you buy from accepts the wallet you have.

When choosing a wallet, go with the top gunners because they are safe and have a low possibility of being poorly optimized or guarded. Having your domain connected to the wallet will improve your decentralized surfing.

Which is the best Unstoppable Domain?

The top Unstoppable Domain extension is (dotx), which is short, easy, and distinctive. It enables customers to elevate the brand's prominence by replacing their sequential address with an easy-to-remember name and a minor extension.

Choosing the proper Unstoppable Domain extension is just as crucial as picking the perfect name. Each domain is valuable in its way since each domain name is distinctive. Here's how to come up with the best Unstoppable Domain name:

Keep it Simple

Research a simple domain name that is easy to remember and does not contain any blunders. Uncommon words that are hard to pronounce will make it challenging to remember and may cause users to skip it because they forgot because of its convoluted name!

Length Matters

The narrower the domain name, the higher the price, as words become rare and are easier to recall (quik: so easy). Although it is not necessary to reject your chosen name in favor of a new or shorter one, ensure accuracy with the length and letters you employ when forming a word.

We recommend having no more than two words in a domain name and keeping it brief and straightforward. Leave out any unnecessary words. If you believe your name is too pricey, you can substitute another term if it matches.


You can also use your login from other social media sites. Hundreds of users are often popular because of their social media usernames but are unrecognized by their true names. It is not required for you to mint your real name. You can register and purchase any personalized domain name and use it as your identity.

Effective over Perfection

It is more vital to have the correct name than the finest one. If you're hosting a clothing website and just because short names are popular, you bought something that has nothing to do with clothing.

What matters is that the domain is suitable for your intended purpose. Perfection is only essential when purchasing domains to flip and hold them as an asset. However, people searching for domains to use should go for practical rather than perfect ones.

Instead of seeking the best domain, spend your time researching the most effective domain. The only best Unstoppable Domain for you is the most effective domain for your purpose.

Unstoppable Domains TLDs

There are currently seven TLDs on Unstoppable Domains: dot-blockchain was created in collaboration with Blockchain.com, dot-bitcoin was introduced in collaboration with Gemini, dot-nft was launched in collaboration with Opera Browser, and others include dot-wallet, dot-888, and the key one dot-x.

Considering some popular feedback from the Unstoppable Community and demands for more domain-ending options, it generated seven. If you want more, check out its alternatives since they have several other options.

Yet, the standard dot-zil and dot-crypto TLDs are still the most popular on the market. The community categorizes these domains as dot-blockchain for blockchain aficionados and dot-bitcoin for BTC owners and enthusiasts.

Furthermore, the dot-nft is for artists, producers, creators, and so on, the dot-wallet is for payment explorers who use crypto wallets for transactions with various holdings, and the dot-888 is for individuals wishing themselves and others well with luck.

The dot-dao is for people who believe in open governance and community, and the dot-x is for those who want a short, premium, and exclusive domain ending and username.

Unstoppable Domains expanded its domain offering to include a greater range of protected domains, including startups, blockchain companies, nature reserves, trademarks, and brands.

Each TLD is purchased independently, and if you are the owner of a brand, you can submit an application to its official portal to acquire the existing secured TLDs. It does not imply that if you already have a dot-nft TLD, the dot-crypto domain will be retained for you.

Until a TLD is registered or branded, anyone can purchase it. It checks and maintains the list of available domain names on a regular basis. Users are encouraged to watchlist domains they are interested in purchasing to be notified when they become available.

The value of each TLD is also determined by specific characteristics such as the characters and, most importantly, the genre's potential. For example, the Cryptocurrency market is significantly more popular than NFT (just one example). Thus, it functions in this manner.

With tailored genre-based extensions, these TLDs can attract millions of new users into the Web3 environment and make all names much more usable and broadly supported than they are now.

As previously noted, the new extensions with Unstoppable Domains include dot-blockchain, dot-nft, dot-888, dot-x, and dot-wallet, which are dedicated to each community. These new domains work like conventional dot-crypto and dot-zil as users’ usernames and IDs.

Every existing Unstoppable Domain can be used as a universal username in dApps, websites, crypto wallets, website URLs, single-sign-on, payment destinations, and other applications. TLDs, or domain endings, provide another excellent option for customers to create a personalized and distinctive domain name.

You can use these to showcase a certain element of your personal or professional brand distinct from dot-crypto or dot-zil, like a cryptocurrency advocate using the "dot-crypto" Unstoppable TLD.

Did you know? Even though dot-com is well-known and widely utilized, there are 1,399 authorized ICANN TLDs, each with its own distinct quality.

Unstoppable Domains advocates these names as your representation or personality. If you believe you belong to more than one industry or would like to utilize any variants for a different purpose, you can buy as many TLDs and names as you'd like.

As previously said, if you mint an Unstoppable Domain for sam-dot-nft and another user purchases sam-dot-crypto, you may both run your own websites and change wallet addresses because the TLD is distinct.

In the traditional domain space, holding a dot-com domain does not grant you rights to other TLD suffixes such as dot-co, dot-org, dot-io, etc. If you don't want other people to buy your dedicated name, just mint all of the TLDs.

Trademarks do not immediately provide ownership to Unstoppable Domains and are granted on a per-category basis. Therefore, it is entirely typical for enterprises offering various products or services, such as Kentucky Fried Chicken or Kolkata Fried Chicken, to co-exist.

It is preferable for companies and users who want to own all TLDs to do so before someone else does because once transmitted to the wallet, no one can take it back or erase it except the one who controls the wallet.

Supported Cryptocurrencies to Unstoppable Domains

Unstoppable Domains supports 200 main-chain coins and hundreds of tokens from several chains, including Ethereum ERC-20, Binance Chain BEP2, and BEP20, Solana,  Ethereum Classic, and OMNI.

Since ETH addresses in non-custodial wallets do not change, the Ethereum address attached to the domain can accept all supported ERC-20 tokens to the same wallet address. Several wallets currently do not support multi-currency addresses linked to their Unstoppable domain.

Nonetheless, you can continue to exchange ETH through the Ethereum network, but you will not be capable of sending ETH or MATIC over the Polygon Network until Trust performs the necessary updates.

Let's look at how you may use your Unstoppable Domains to transfer cryptocurrency. Yet, before we go any further, keep in mind that all of the factors we've discussed must be considered before adopting any new technology.

Rushing to conclusions without considering the potential negative consequences and countermeasures is reckless, which we do not encourage. If you've followed us from the beginning, you're good to go because you've already grasped the technology fundamentals.

Does Unstoppable Domain offer Refunds?

First, determine whether you are eligible for a refund. Unstoppable Domains only refunds the purchase price of the name; any claims, blockchain fees, or other fees are not reimbursed, as stated in the rules.

Unminted Domains acquired within the previous 14 days can be reimbursed as shop credit or to the original payment method.

Minted domains acquired using fiat currencies during the last 14 days may be eligible for a refund as shop credit or the original payment method, as specified in the terms. After Unstoppable Domain obtains the domain back, the reimbursement is issued.

If the domain was acquired with cryptocurrency, the refund period is five days, and all cryptocurrency transactions can be reimbursed using USDC.

Purchases made with Promo Credits are non-refundable, regardless of when they were made or the domain's status.

Domains that generate subdomains, as well as subdomains that are technically third-party, are not refundable.

Unstoppable Domain provides credits worth three times the original payment amount to (dotcoin) users. Users must connect to their Unstoppable Domain account, navigate the "my domains" tab, choose the domain, and click "receive credits."

Domains that begin with a hyphen are available for a refund even after 14 days for store credit or a refund to the original payment method. If it has been minted, the reimbursement will be granted only when Unstoppable Domain gets the domain back.

If you need a refund and your concern falls within the given parameters, file a refund request and a support ticket on the official Unstoppable Domain website.

Unstoppable Subdomains

Developers, thankfully, can now build subdomains for every Unstoppable Domain they own, giving users greater possibilities for addressing themselves and their identities on Web3.

Unlike existing naming systems, each Unstoppable Domain is recorded on-chain as its own ERC-721 token. This means that parent domain owners cannot cancel or control subdomains once they are formed, thereby protecting people and boosting self-ownership of on-chain identities.

Since 2019, this has been the most frequently requested feature. The release of subdomains was later made operational at the registry contract level, implying that any Unstoppable Domain owner can employ registry contracts to create subdomains for the domains they own.

To mint subdomains, you must be able to construct and execute proxy contracts, which isn't the most user-friendly technique. As a result, the platform announced plans to incorporate subdomain support into the portal, mobile app, resolving libraries and applications, and other products such as log-in.

It is also developing tools to make it easier for users to issue mass subdomains for projects, partners, and enterprises. Its long-term goal is to make creating new subdomains as easy, quick, and unstoppable as registering a new domain on Unstoppable Domains.

Since each subdomain has its own unique ERC-721 coin, so each subdomain will be equipped with the same basic functionalities as its parent domain. Users can utilize them to store crypto addresses, establish reverse records, and with other products such as website builder, login, and mobile app integration.

They can also be used to create new subdomains because the parent domain owner cannot revoke them. They can also be resold, and once created, a subdomain is completely independent of the original creator of the parent domain.

Following the registry upgrade, domain owners can extend the value of their Web3 identity by connecting the domain to other areas of the space, such as creating a name-dot-name-dot-nft for keeping addresses and websites for your collection or storing in-game assets and cryptocurrency.

Subdomains can also be used to extend a domain across multiple identities. For example, a family could use Unstoppable Domain to create surname-dot-nft and then pass the subdomains to all family members, such as father-dot-surname-dot-nft, which companies and businesses can also accomplish to create smooth connectivity of their office operations.

Business or project-focused domains bring up even more opportunities for streamlining the user experience and building a more dynamic web3 presence. The business is also working to integrate new tools for partnerships and apps that will allow them to create subdomains for their community at volume.

Consider assigning a personalized subdomain to each community member or generating distinct subdomains to assist developers in interacting with the platform. A subdomain could make a contract address easier to find or provide people with a single link to monitor their balances.

Crypto apps might also give users unstoppable Subdomains to access Unstoppable Domain names. Now, subdomains must be generated one at a time at the contract level, and the business plans to build more to assist its partners in delivering subdomains to its communities.

Subdomains are a feature that can be used to create a tailored environment for anyone. Even if you list them for sale, you may earn a side income or passive revenue stream, so having this integration has undoubtedly lifted the bar in the market.

How to mint Unstoppable Subdomains using Smart Contracts?

Now that we've covered most of the topics let's learn how to mint Unstoppable Subdomains, which is new to many people but lucrative. Since the process necessitates using the Polygonscan interface for writing and implementing proxy contracts, ensure you have all the necessary resources.

  • To begin, choose a minting manager smart contract, an API for minting second-level domains, and one of the minting manager smart contracts for interfacing with either the Polygon mainnet or testnet, Polygonscan.
  • Now, in the Polygonscan page of the minting management contract, navigate to the "contract" tab and click on the "write as proxy" tab.
  • Connect the wallet affiliated with the Unstoppable domain by clicking on the "connect to web3" button in the "write as a proxy" tab.
  • Pick "issue with records" from the "write as a proxy" tab area to mint subdomains of your Unstoppable domains you already control to your wallet address.
  • Now, in the "to" column, enter the wallet address that controls the root domain, and in the "labels" field, enter the subdomain you would like to mint.
  • If you hold the surname-dot-crypto domain with your wallet address and wish to mint father-dot-surname-dot-nft, you must enter parameters such as address strings and label strings.
  • Now, after minting, add the entries you want pre-filled in the subdomain to the "keys" and "values" fields as an array of values, and read the "records reference" documentation for supported values. You can even give empty records if you like.
  • Now, click the "write" button to complete the transaction and sign the contract.

Once you authorize the transaction, you may verify the information on the blockchain explorer, and the subdomain will ultimately be created. Ensure your subdomain contains only lowercase letters or numbers and hyphens (optional), and remember that a subdomain cannot start with a hyphen.

Minting with Unstoppable Domains

Minting means extracting a domain from a database and officially publishing it on the blockchain. This is the process by which the user assumes complete ownership and control of the domain. When you mint it, it automatically becomes an asset in your wallet.

When you build a crypto wallet, you produce a private key file and a password. It is critical to keep both of these items in a secure location. If you lose your private key or passphrase, you will lose access to everything in your wallet, including the wallet itself.

When you mint domains, they become assets on the blockchain, and the only way to interact with them is through the linked wallet. Every time you visit the wallet, you will be prompted to upload the private key and enter your password.

The primary goal of this discussion is to understand why blockchain private key and phrase security are vital since all your domains and other collectibles are stored in your wallet, which is the most critical item to preserve at all costs.

Can you Mint Unstoppable Domains in Bulk?

Yes, you can mint Unstoppable Domains in Bulk; here's how:

  • Go to "my domains" in Unstoppable Domains.
  • Now, select the "bulk mint" option. (done)

Select all of the domains you want to bulk mint, then click the "mint domains button," to select all of the domains, click the "checkbox" at the top of the bar. This will mint all domains associated with the designated wallet address.

Select the wallet where you want the domains to be minted, then check the "I understand" box and click "confirm," then wait for the domain to complete minting. However, you could only mint 50 domains once at a time. Therefore, you shall wait until the first batch is completed before beginning a new bunch.

What is Auto Minting?

Auto minting means registering a domain on the blockchain network at the time of purchase, which means you buy and mint it simultaneously.

When you sign up for an Unstoppable Domain account, it produces a new wallet address for you, which mints all domains immediately to that address. It allows you can transfer them to a personal wallet at any time.

What happens when Unstoppable Domain Minting gets failed or is canceled?

Before proceeding, delete your browser's cookies and cache, refresh, and try minting again. You could also try another browser to resolve the problem. Also, ensure that the VP is disabled otherwise, it may cause an issue (server problem).

We advocate using top wallets for mobile devices and then restarting the browser after installing MetaMask for detection by your browser. If your payment is not being processed, kindly refresh the page. Continue reading to learn about refund schemes!

How to Enable Two-Factor Authentication on Unstoppable Domains?

Follow these simple steps to establish two-factor authentication (2FA) for security considerations during domain minting and management:

  • Open the website and navigate to "account settings."
  • Click "enable two-factor authentication" and scan the bar code with your preferred authenticator app.
  • After that, click "next," enter the 6-digit code, and click "save."
  • Now, click the "send code by email" option and enter the 6-digit number you received through email to complete the setup.

That's it; your Unstoppable domain now has an extra degree of protection, and the only way for anybody to mint, manage, or access it is via your wallet, phone, and the 6-digit code that always stays with your device.

But what if you misplace your smartphone or become locked out?

In such cases, please send an email to [email protected] or file a ticket, and unstoppable domains will disable your account's 2FA; however, make sure your ticket contains the following information:

  • Your email address is linked to Unstoppable Domains.
  • Last four numbers of your debit/credit card (attached or used).
  • Proof or an update on your most recent transaction.
  • The hash of your transaction.
  • Finally, the PayPal transaction ID.

Why does your domain appear different on OpenSea?

After minting a domain, it may display differently on OpenSea, possibly due to poor spelling or jumbled or mixed letters. Also, if you added an avatar to the domain, the modifications may not be reflected immediately in OpenSea.

It takes time to update all of the secondary marketplace adjustments. Simply search OpenSea for your domain and click on it when it appears. Then, on the right, click refresh to refresh the metadata for your domain name.

Once the metadata has been refreshed, OpenSea will take a few minutes to update and remain fixed until you repeat the process and make any dedicated modifications.

How to Sell Unstoppable Domains?

Due to the increased demand for top names, selling Unstoppable Domains has its rewards. Unlike standard NFTs, these domains are utility-driven, rendering them a positive investment rather than just a wallet property.

Its usability and blockchain interoperability incorporation has made it a successful proposition, as users have begun buying Unstoppable Domains to flip them. When customers acquire something to flip it, you should consider that it's worth it for now and future.

It all depends on the quality of the domain. Certain domains can offer you profits ranging from $10 to $100,000+. We've published a whole article about NFT Domains and how to secure the best domain for flipping or personal use, which you can read here - (3).

NFT Domains Explained, FAQs
Are they NFTs? Do they operate the same as traditional dotcom domains? What is different?

If you already hold an Unstoppable Domain, you have complete control over it, and no one can intervene with its usage. You can also sell, transfer, and trade the Unstoppable Domain for personal or commercial purposes.

Here’s how you can list your Unstoppable Domain for Sale:

Open Unstoppable Domains and navigate to "my domains" on the homepage. If you haven't already, mint your domain by clicking the "free mint" button and completing the above steps. The first step is to create an Opensea account.

You may make one using your wallet, which will then automatically list all of your purchases. Now, enter the NFT Domain's profile by clicking on it (the one you want to sell), and look to the top right for the sell button.

It will then lead you to the selling page, where you can choose which network you want to sell. You can select and enter parameters such as the selling period, etc. Once you've picked all your choices, click "finish listing," and your Unstoppable Domain will be up for sale!

Selling your Unstoppable Domain might be lucrative, but it all depends on the qualities it possesses. All of the top-selling domains are the product of considerable study. There is now a great demand for these domains, and whether you are a novice or an experienced user, now is the time to invest.

How to list Unstoppable Domain for private sale on OpenSea?

Sometimes you might want to offer an NFT or Unstoppable Domain to a pal at a discount rather than have someone else snipe it on the open market, but there are advantages to doing so as well. This is easily accomplishable using private sales by OpenSea.

If you set up a private sale on OpenSea, you do not have to pay fees ranging from 10% for the artist to 2.5% for the marketplace (Opensea). This means you are selling your Unstoppable Domain for 10 MATIC and are receiving 8.85 MATIC in return.

Many users have asked about private sales on OpenSea and why some NFTs and Unstoppable Domains are locked. So, here's how to list Unstoppable Domains on OpenSea as a private sale:

  • Go to your OpenSea profile, select the Unstoppable Domain you want to sell, and then click the "sell" button in the top right-hand corner.
  • If your Unstoppable Domain is already for sale, you must delist before proceeding with a private sale.
  • Now choose "set price" as your selling method and enter the valuation you want to sell it for. Lastly, check the "privacy toggle" and input the buyer's address.
  • Check the details again and click "publish your listing." You will now see two notifications, one from OpenSea notifying you of the listing process and one from MetaMask requesting you to verify the transaction to confirm the listing.
  • Now, in MetaMask, verify the transaction and click "sign."
  • That's it; your dedicated buyer can now view the item on OpenSea and see the banner below at the top of their screen.

Private sales can be costly when done through the user's wallet or by transferring personally. Thus, using an exchange in this scenario is a profitable choice. Gas expenses vary when moving, transferring, or exchanging traditional cryptocurrencies or Unstoppable Domains.

Furthermore, listing on OpenSea ensures a secure setting for both, whether friends or in any other relationship, as doing so eliminates the possibility of either party being scammed or robbed.

How to transfer cryptocurrency with Unstoppable Domains?

Save yourself from the time-consuming copy-and-paste process using Unstoppable Domains to easily transfer cryptocurrency. Whether sending it or receiving it from another user, use human-readable Unstoppable Domains and save time, energy, and heavy memory consumption. Does it sound like an ad? Even if it does, that's the truth of NFT Domains.

Wallet addresses are extensive strings of complex alphanumeric values that are an easy method for computers to communicate but are difficult for humans to remember. The very last thing you want is for your precious cryptocurrency to be sent to the incorrect person (dead).

So far, we've covered everything regarding payments and other technicalities; now, let's discover how to transfer cryptocurrency using Unstoppable Domains.

  • Once you've configured your Unstoppable Domain to accept Crypto Domains, a sender must open their crypto wallet.
  • Instead of the wallet address, type in the Unstoppable Domain name.
  • Choose the cryptocurrency value and click "send."

It's that simple! Unstoppable Domains enables users to accept over 275 different cryptocurrencies rapidly with Unstoppable force, but keep in mind that each type of cryptocurrency has its own address, so make sure you have linked all of your crypto addresses to the name before receiving any payments.

How to configure your Unstoppable Domains for accepting Crypto Addresses?

To receive payments via your Unstoppable Domain, you can add the receiving addresses for a range of accepted cryptocurrencies to your Unstoppable domain. You can add a BTC address to the domain, and then anyone can pay you BTC by inputting the Unstoppable domain name as the receiver address in a compatible wallet.

Replacing the normal long addresses containing complex characters streamlines cryptocurrency transactions. Here's how to configure your Unstoppable Domain:

  • Launch Unstoppable Domains, link your wallet as usual, and then navigate to "my domains."
  • Now, click "manage" next to the Unstoppable domain you want to utilize to receive cryptocurrency.
  • Now enter the cryptocurrency addresses in the appropriate fields, select "add currency," and search for the token if it isn't already on the list.
  • After adding the address, click "confirm changes" at the bottom of the page and validate the transaction within your wallet when prompted.
  • The changes will now be published to the blockchain, which may take up to ten minutes, and you cannot make any further modifications until the transaction displays as finished on the "transaction page."
  • Once you receive notification of a successful transaction, you are ready to depart as you have successfully configured your Unstoppable Domain for receiving and sending Cryptocurrencies.

How to Manage Unstoppable Domains on Polygon Blockchain?

Folks looking for a solution to manage their Unstoppable Domains on Polygon Blockchain using a cryptocurrency wallet, we have everything you want in this Unstoppable Domain FAQ article.

Connect your wallet; we'll connect MetaMask (every wallet functions the same) to the Polygon Blockchain here. To do so, select "customer RPC" from the MetaMask pop-up menu and then "Ethereum Mainnet."

Fill in the following information:

The Network Name is Polygon; the New RPC URL is https://polygon-rpc.com/ or https://rpc-mainnet.maticvigil.com/, the ChainID is 137, the Symbol is $MATIC, and the Block Explorer URL is https://polygonscan.com/ or https://explorer.matic.network/.

You are now ready to transfer and accept $MATIC on the Polygon Blockchain using your cryptocurrency wallet and mint and manage your domain for free on Polygon. If you want to Manage your Unstoppable Domain on Polygon, make sure you have the Polygon chain specified as your main network in the list.

Let's take a look at how to manage Unstoppable Domain on Polygon now!

As usual, launch Unstoppable Domains and, navigate to the "my domains" page, then click "manage."

The new "manage page" will now open to the "crypto" area. You will notice that the ETH and MATIC addresses associated with your wallet are already registered, as these are added immediately when you mint the Unstoppable Domain.

You can now "add," "delete," or "alter" your crypto addresses in the crypto category, and all these addresses can correlate to a non-custodial wallet or an exchange account.

You may now upload an image and add a username, descriptions, public and private email addresses, geolocation, and even your social networking profiles to the domain under the profile section.

All of this information is optional, and creating a "domain profile" is a quick, easy, and handy approach to begin sharing digital identities across Web3. After making the necessary adjustments, click the "confirm changes" tab at the bottom of the page.

Now you may share your "domain profile" with others, and if you want to transfer a domain to some other wallet or a friend or loved one, we've already addressed it in our previous segment, so you're aware of it, and hopefully, you can scroll up and check if you forgot!

How to mint Unstoppable Domain to a Ledger?

Let's explore how to connect Ledger Wallet to Polygon Using MetaMask, but first, you'll need to connect your Unstoppable Domain to MetaMask.

  • Authorize your MetaMask wallet to the Polygon network first with the steps we have mentioned above, followed by the Ledger wallet and the Ethereum app ETH within the wallet.
  • Open your MetaMask wallet and tap on the circle button on the right, then select "connect hardware wallet," "ledger," and "proceed."
  • After the loading symbol appears, a list of Polygon account addresses will appear; select one and then click "unlock."

The Ledger hardware wallet will launch, and you will notice that it is now connected to the MetaMask, allowing you to interact with the cryptocurrencies on Polygon. Now that your Ledger wallet is linked to the Polygon network using Metamask, it's time to mint your domain on Polygon:

  • Launch Unstoppable Domains and navigate to "my domains," then click the "free mint" button next to the domain you want to mint.
  • Now, click on the MetaMask plugin, then on "connect" under the Ledger wallet. Once the Ledger wallet is attached to MetaMask, you may add the Ledger wallet address by selecting "add a new wallet."
  • When prompted, select "MetaMask," which will launch the MetaMask wallet plugins and ask you to validate a transaction to link the wallet to the Unstoppable Domain account.
  • Now, click "sign," and you'll be asked to "confirm the transaction in your Ledger wallet before proceeding."
  • Now, on your dashboard, click on the wallet address of the Ledger wallet you added, and if you have more than one wallet linked to your Unstoppable Domain account, tap on the address with the "just added" banner under that.
  • Select the checkbox next to "I understand" and then click "confirm" to the minting of the domain, and it will now be recorded to the blockchain.

This procedure may require up to ten minutes, and you can monitor the transactions on the Polygon network by clicking "track progress" or "Return to Domains" to return to the "my domains page."

Unstoppable Domains Price

Prices for standard domains, custom domains, and premium domains vary greatly. Personalized and premium domains are typically short, standard, and popular, making them more valuable than the tiering method described above.

The Unstoppable Domains Pricing Tier operates as follows:

  • Tier 3 domains are the most expensive on the list, ranging from $1,250 to $30,000.
  • Tier 4 includes four-character domains, the second most expensive on the list: $500 to $6,500.
  • Tier 5 has five frequent character domains, and cost decreases as the character are added: $200 to $2,500.
  • Tier 6 has six-character domains that can be a mixture of words or a single word. However, the cost decreases as a character is added: $50 to $550.
  • Tier 7 is for seven-character domains, which go down another cost tier by adding other words: $20 to $220.
  • Tier 8 contains eight-character domains, which are the last category, followed by all of the cheaper domains available in the complete listing, which can also be beneficial depending on how you use the character, words, etc.: $10 to $110.

The price can then be reduced to $5 depending on the length and efficacy of the domain name you wish to register. Unstoppable offers 75% off over alphanumeric domains.

If any Untoppable Domain is unavailable, users can add it to their watchlist, and the website will alert them when it becomes available. If a domain is protected, it is connected with a brand or trademark, and if your firm owns the trademark, fill out a form on the official website and claim your domain name.

Note: Unstoppable Domains is not liable for any secondary market pricing.

How to Transfer an Unstoppable Domain to a new Wallet?

Suppose you purchased Unstoppable Domain but no longer want to keep it. Unlike regular domains, which have 30-day waiting periods, Unstoppable domains allow you to buy, sell, and transfer domains within seconds.

But how do you know if you should move the domain? Here are some common reasons for pitching for selling or exchanging Unstoppable Domains:

We are all probably aware of the immense potential of Unstoppable Domains and the full NFT Domain technology. But for, individuals who are thinking ahead and planning to secure the Unstoppable Domains for their families can safely transfer them when needed. You can also give it to your colleagues as a digital gift.

If you decide to part ways with Unstoppable Domains, you have complete control over reselling it on any website or alternative marketplace. If you know someone who wants to buy a domain from you, organize the sale discreetly and transfer the domain; instead of going through secondary markets, exchange directly with your wallet.

When necessary, Unstoppable Domains can be transferred between employees of any firm. This may happen if a company wants to keep a domain that was initially registered by an employee using their wallet and use it for official purposes.

Here’s how you can transfer Unstoppable Domain:

  • Go to "my domains" in Unstoppable Domain.
  • Select the "manage" tab, followed by the "transfer" tab.
  • Now input the crypto address of the wallet to which you want to transfer the domain and select if you wish to acquire clear records.
  • You will now be invited to sign the transaction in the wallet, after which all modifications will be published to the blockchain, which can take up to 10 minutes.

If you cannot visit the Unstoppable Domain website, you can still transfer your domain from one wallet to another using Opensea. After you transfer the domain, all of your data will be wiped.

Also, remember that when you transfer the Unstoppable Domain to another wallet on Opensea, you are also covering the gas fees. The gas expenses are affected by the domain and the blockchain on which it is based.

Here’s how to transfer Unstoppable Domain on Opensea:

  • Launch OpenSea and sign in using your credentials and wallet, then click on the circle in the upper right-hand corner and select "profile."
  • Scroll down and select the three small dots in the upper left corner of the page, then choose the domain you want to transfer and click "transfer" once more.
  • Now, enter the recipient's crypto address and press "transfer."
  • You will now be prompted to sign the transaction in the wallet, and once completed, OpenSea will tell you about the transfer on-screen.

How to Build Gamertags with Unstoppable Domains?

The entire premise of online gaming, where we have to perform missions and kills to unlock rewards or play counter-strike randomly and connect with friends, play together, buy skins, and show off while playing is not just traditional and long gone.

Those were great days and the early days of the internet's evolution. Imagining a world without multiplayer online isn't easy with today's internet. What we have come from is unfathomable to today's gunners.

It was exciting for us, but the gaming world had one major constraint: the lack of assets such as avatars, currencies, unlocks items, interoperability, compatibility, and, most importantly, real-time value to all these features.

However, we are well aware of all the risks of gaming since deleting the game leads to losing access to our accounts or being banned, resulting in the loss of all the hard work we have invested in obtaining all the accessories, equipment, and levels.

But that is changing, owing to blockchain technology, its digital wallets, and NFT Domains technology, which has assisted in converting these in-game assets to real-world value. Furthermore, you can trade, sell, or exchange the stuff you own or unlock in these games with another player, thereby (what happens here, stays here- theory).

Yes! Using NFT Domains, you may now sell, buy, exchange, transfer, and even utilize your avatars, skins, and collectibles in other games. NFT Domains enable you to create a digital identity that spans the gaming universe as one for all.

You can utilize your NFT Domain as a single identity throughout all games. If that game supports interoperability, you can apply one skin acquired in the game to another or shift one avatar from game to game.

Owning in-game property to trade in the real world is already popular, and many people have embraced the new technology. Here are several games that support and are interoperable with NFT Domains:

Axie Infinity: This play-to-earn game relies on the Ethereum sidechain Ronin, which allows users to earn cryptocurrencies just by playing the game and obtaining in-game assets like NFTs, which they may store in their Unstoppable Domains.

Axie Infinity also lets users sell their axies to other players or non-players on the secondary market. This formed an economy around the game and allowed players to earn money while playing and adventuring.

This game is unique because each participant gets their share and a chunk of the pie to obtain and contribute. Like other games, a significant amount of the money cycling within the axie economy is owned by the players rather than the business that owns the game.

Players can breed, trade, and sell their Axies for in-game cash or other cryptocurrencies. This theory applies to any game that is compatible with NFT Domains. For example, if you have a unique in-game shared item, personalize it and sell it on a secondary marketplace to monetize your assets.

You can either sell all of the stuff and buy new ones or transfer the old ones to another game. All of them are blockchain games, and all objects or in-game assets are NFTs. All of this can be stored in your Unstoppable Domain-connected wallets!

The worth of in-game assets is determined by the item's quality and market demand. Blockchain wallets are digital folders in which you store whatever you generate online in the decentralized ecosystem.

However, because of their alphanumeric addresses, blockchain wallets make it difficult for consumers. As a result, Unstoppable Domains make it simple to develop a unique identity. Without unstoppable domains, your identification would have been "0x," followed by 42 alphanumeric letters humans can recall.

However, with Unstoppable Domains, you can customize those alphanumeric characters with whatever name you want to be known on the internet. It then becomes your identity, avatar, and everything else.

If you want to invite someone to a game and play with them, you'll need a gamer tag (have you ever played valorant?). This is more difficult on Blockchain because the blockchain equivalent Gamertag is wallet addresses, and you communicate with alphanumeric addresses.

As previously said, it is not the ideal means of interacting, so Unstoppable Domains supplant it. When you add personalized names to these wallets with Unstoppable Domains, they become more than just wallets; they become your identities.

These identities are your portable Gamertags that carry all your digital collections, allowing you to travel from one universe to another with all your belongings. This is NFT Domains' power in the gaming sector.

Having your digital identity as a gamer allows users to store and use data according to application preferences as one of Web3's keys to interoperability.

However, there is another issue where any proposal that requires age verification or personal information to be accessible for delivering benefits or access to users, wallet-based authentication is only a handful since it does not offer any power to pass data through any third parties without the permission of the identity owner.

As stated previously, logging in with Untoppable overcomes all difficulties by permitting a combination of centralized and decentralized services on the back end, allowing users to attach metadata with their digital identity (wallet).

It is a fully decentralized, self-controlled entrance for identifying what data you have associated with your digital identity and what data travels via the games and dapps, all of which is up to you (wallet owner).

Login with Unstoppable integration delivers a more personalized experience for players across the games they prefer, all while facilitating the seamless transfer of data from one metaverse to another using this feature.

This interoperability enables the creation of universal avatars, NFTs, and other structures using Unstoppable Domains. The future is promising since previously inconceivable features are suddenly becoming a reality, allowing developers to create whatever they desire without limitations.

Anonymity is vital in gaming, and even more so in Web3, and is firmly ingrained in both. However, there are concerns with the current level of anonymity because anonymity does not always convert into equity.

Unstoppable Domains additionally provides the 100% (mentioned above) Humanity Check tools to solve difficulties while maintaining privacy and anonymity by allowing individuals to verify their online identity without giving any information about the user to the applications and services they use.

When using Humanity Check, no individually identifying information is sent to the application requesting verification on Unstoppable domains. It then confirms that you are both human and unique.

This is a critical component for players and developers that want to establish a level playing field. They can use the Humanity check to validate genuine human players and to compensate them better to ensure the game's long-term health.

Assume a popular or top community or project with millions of followers and members will drop or launch their unique collection of NFTs or domains. The minimum number of NFTs or domains can be 1,000, 10,000, or 20,000, depending on the size of the community.

The drop contains certain limited edition high-demanding NFTs, and for that, more than half of the community, which may be 10 million or more or less, shows up, which is far more than the number of NFTs to be dropped.

In such circumstances, bots are bound to farm and try to gain the majority of them to raise the cost for everyone else and obtain the most exclusive domains. Humanity check integration addresses the issue of confirming each user and removing bots or alternate accounts.

This also demonstrates that Unstoppable Domains and its capabilities are all you need to enter the decentralized space with a protected and privatized domain game.

Create a website with Unstoppable Domain

Unstoppable Domain enables users to host a decentralized website in which they control the entire process and data rather than the centralized servers. This is most likely the critical competence that has resulted in the widespread adoption of NFT Domains.

You have complete control over what happens on the website, who visits it, what information flows through it, and everything else. You are no longer constrained by restrictions and regulations that prevent you from uploading, publishing, or controlling your content.

You can host censorship-resistant webpages and events where no authority has the power to engage with the data and information of your audience. This is the fundamental essence of decentralization, but how to create such a decentralized website?

Before proceeding, remember that all IPFS websites must conform to these limits. #1: The website's content is stored in a single directory, with an "index.html" file at the top shelf. #2 The links to the source files are relative rather than random or landing pages.

Here's how you can use Unstoppable Domains Template to host a decentralized website:

Unstoppable Domains allows you to host websites using their templates, which makes designing a website more accessible and saves you a lot of time and effort. Return to the domain tab in the menu and click the website button once you've obtained the domain.

Now, go to the template tab and select a template for your website. There are multiple options available, with various models to pick from. Configure the text, colors, graphics, background, and so on for your website using the sections on the right menu bar.

After configuring the website, go to the Publish tab and press the IPFS button. You will next be required to sign two transactions to demonstrate that you control the domain. Your website will be uploaded to IPFS after you sign the two transactions.

The transaction takes about 10 minutes to complete, and the website becomes available. This is how the Unstoppable template may be used to host a website. Let's have a look at how to upload a bespoke web2 website to Unstoppable Domain:

Those who already have a website but want to switch to the new domain can follow the steps below. These are a few simple steps. Read carefully and also the section above to help you identify the difference!

Launch the Unstoppable Domains website, navigate to the domains menu, and then to the "website" option. Scroll to the bottom section, where you are asked to upload content to IPFS. Click to upload files to save your website to IPFS and start using your new unstoppable domain.

Here's how you can view Unstoppable Domain hosted Website:

Currently, traditional browsers do not support unstoppable domain addresses registered on blockchain technology. To view an Unstoppable Domain hosted website, you must install an extension in your Chrome, Opera, Brave, or Firefox browser.

Download the browsers based on the supported extensions listed above. That’s how you can view the unstoppable domains hosted website and access its content.

What is the difference between IPNS & IPFS?

The InterPlanetary Name System (IPNS) is a standard for curating and updating modifiable links to IPFS content. If you update any IPFS content, the IPNS will refer to the most recent version. IPNS is machine-readable and conveys their names via blockchain addresses.

The InterPlanetary File System (PFS) uses content-based addressing, which means that the address changes if the contents change. Assume you share an IPFS hash with another user and share a new link every time you edit stuff.

How to Add IPFS Hash to the Domain?

If you uploaded the website using any IPFS gateway, now you can add the hash to the domains by following these simple steps:

  • Navigate to "my domains," scroll down to the domain, and select "manage."
  • Now, select the Website and press the "Link Website" button.
  • Paste the hash into the IPFS Hash Field and press the "start website" button.
  • You will now be prompted to use your dedicated wallet to sign and verify the transaction (done).

How to Set up Unstoppable Domain Profile?

Setting up your Unstoppable Domain profile is not a challenging or complicated theory. However, it is the simplest way to begin sharing your digital identity across the entire ecosystem.

Here's all you need to know about creating an Unstoppable Domain profile. Launch Unstoppable domains, click "my domains" and "manage," and follow the above steps. Now, begin adding:

  • Avatar for NFT.
  • Title, description, and location are all required.
  • Email might be public or private.
  • Profiles on social networking sites.
  • Humanity Examine the Verification Status.
  • Cover: 100% x 208p for desktop/100% x 148p for mobile (according to your preference).

We recommend using an abstract image because your text may be cut off when seen on mobile devices. Once you've made all the adjustments, click "confirm changes."

Your profile has been set up and updated, providing an advantage in standing out with all of the associated creatives.

Unstoppable Domain owners may now extend the utility of their Web3 domains by bridging the Token Gallery for showcasing their assets on the same webpage as other profile page activities such as Tickets, Badges, and so on.

Before you can manage your Token Gallery, you must first create a profile. (all the steps given above to set up your profile). To add validated crypto addresses, repeat the steps: my domains," "manage," but this time on the left panel, click "crypto." You can add and remove any crypto address you want here.

If you've minted NFTs for a separate network, they'll appear in your Token Gallery once you've associated all of your crypto addresses. Once you enter the crypto address, it will request you to verify and sign the transaction. Follow the prompts, and your profile will be eligible for Token Gallery (haha).

So, now that we've created the profile click "see profile." This will open your profile in a new window, from which you can share the link by clicking the "share" button on the right side of the page. Others can view the information you've contributed by visiting the profile using the link.

Everything you have, including badges, social media links, and tickets, will be shown in your Token Gallery. Now, on the top-right of the profile, click the "login with unstoppable" button to begin viewing and managing the Token Gallery according to your preferences.

After logging in, click "configure" and, in the pop-up, pick the networks for which your NFTs will be minted. If you can't find it, click "edit profile" and enter and confirm the address where your NFT will be minted.

Now, click "save," and you'll be requested to sign a transaction; once that's done, save the changes to your profile, and congratulations, you've finished your Token Gallery, which will now be displayed in your Profile.

How to make money from Unstoppable Domains?

The rising digital economy has undoubtedly created several online opportunities and a surge in interest in blogging, bitcoin, NFTs, and domain flipping! Domain flipping has always been a contentious topic due to its profit-bending characteristics.

Now that domain technology has grown to such a decentralized degree. The domain-flipping craze has followed suit. Today, very few people are aware of this profitable internet business, which is also regarded as one of the easiest ways to make money online.

Some have established a career as domain investors and are actively building fantastic future-value domain names. Some domains appear at the top of the table, while others do not, but there is a hack to identify a viable domain; keep reading as we have served the hack somewhere in these paragraphs.

Domain flipping is registering or purchasing a domain at a low or average cost and then selling it to an interested party for a high and profitable price as demand increases. It is pretty similar to how real estate flipping works.

There are ten benefits of establishing a domain-flipping side business:

  1. It is not a difficult concept to grasp and is simple to implement.
  2. All you need is the proper research, not prior experience.
  3. It is not necessary to comprehend code just because it involves domains.
  4. You don't need any more storage or disc space; keep it in your crypto wallet.
  5. Free domain transfer and simple cost customization.
  6. There is no need for maintenance because once registered, you own it forever and once transferred. It is gone forever.
  7. A used domain can also be sold.
  8. Due to the blockchain and cryptocurrency mechanisms, payments are also protected for exchange.
  9. There is no need for documentation or other formalities because unstoppable domains are document-free, and the domain owner determines the terms and conditions.
  10. Profits are higher when compared to regular domain flipping.

Flipping Unstoppable Domains is entertaining, but you must also get the correct domain name that has potential worth, either now or in the future. Domain names with five or fewer characters are highly valued in todays and everlasting markets.

If such a name is put up for auction, it will almost likely fetch the highest price. Here are a few things to consider when purchasing Unstoppable Domains for flipping:

Make sure the domain has future potential by measuring its length and ease of pronunciation. Domain names that are easy to remember, speak, and type are more popular than concatenated domain names.

Also, avoid using hyphens and mixed domain names when creating a hybrid website because they complicate matters. A domain name is similar to your address on the internet, as visitors will visit your website (home), and there must be an accessible address to remember combined with good content.

The presence of commonly used words makes it easier for people to remember and locate a website. Combining two words to create one and decent is another smart technique, but make sure it matches or makes sense.

Try to keep things as simple as possible and keep your domain name to no more than 10-15 characters. Be careful not to include a description and use an easy-to-understand name with no double letters to avoid confusion.

Having keywords in genre-specific domain names is an added SEO benefit. It aids in describing the business or service and makes it appealing for visitors to open or start a website from its domain name.

Having genre-specific or location-specific domains is unquestionably a good option for people looking to host a website for personal use. However, to flip such names, you must first identify the correct target demographic and pitch your domain name within that circle.

If you don't want to put in much effort, we recommend a broader genre-specific domain name that captures a place and an entire region. Here are some popular types of domains that are ideal for flipping:

It has long been observed that domain names based on fresh or impending trends sell at a greater price. NFTs are a new and growing topic, and netizens are thrilled about the technology and services related to them.

Furthermore, it will continue to be valuable and significant in the coming years. An expired domain indicates that the owner is no longer interested in keeping the domain and has placed it on the market for sale.

Understand that old domain will be less expensive than fresh/new domains. If you believe the domain name has a purpose and has the potential to be enormous, you can go for it; if you believe the prior usage was successful and would also help you, you can go for it.

However, remember that short domain names that are crisp and easy to remember, fast to search, and have an easy extension should be your primary goal. These domains are difficult to obtain, but if you find one, seize it immediately before it slips into someone else's wallet.

If you believe you are firm with word combinations and modern terms, you will have a more accessible advantage in flipping trending domain names with new trends that may hold a higher selling price.

As previously stated, an SEO-optimized domain name gives readers a clear picture of what the website contains and makes it easier to discover the content. Buyers adore such domains, and you may discover flippers interested in purchasing the domain.

Unstoppable Domains Web3 Alliance

Did You Know? Blockchain technology visionaries have formed the Web3 Domain Alliance to tackle fraud and naming conflicts while supporting technological innovation and user experience for the following web iteration.

This group, led by Unstoppable Domains and Bonfida, developed the Web3 Domain Alliance as a new alternative for promoting the growth and interoperability of Web3 domain registries and improving the Web3 user experience.

Tezos Domains, Hedera, Klaytn Domains, and Polkadot Name System are the other founding members. All members are committed to assisting and protecting Web3 identities, ensuring that Web3 adheres to the best global standards and practices.

According to Unstoppable Domains executives, many still strive to comprehend the space. Thus, the alliance is critical for supporting the development of the space and allowing many users to create their Web3 existence and research the technology safely and securely.

The alliance also seeks to prevent malicious phishing, rogue actors, or anyone mimicking Web3 TLDs, contributory infringement, and Web3 domain collisions. It will serve as a regulatory framework for new and established Web3 domain name providers.

Their primary objective in setting such targets is to avoid and entirely prevent undesirable activities from making technology unappealing. Furthermore, the partnership wants to provide solutions for IP services across all Web3 domains.

It aims to facilitate the adoption of Web3 domains in mainstreaming businesses through initiatives like education campaigns, regulators, and so on inside the industry. The group believes that the cooperation marks the beginning of the adoption of Web3 name services for Web2 firms.

The Web3 Alliance Plan

The US Patent and Trademark Office issued a patent titled "Resolving Blockchain Domains" that describes a process for deciphering the naming process using smart contracts. Like other patents, it grants the owner a 20-year monopoly that prevents others from employing the technology without permission.

Patents can be used to encourage innovation, but they can also be abused, as when so-called patent holders, many of which are really shell companies, file spurious cases against a functioning company to extract a payoff.

In response, tech powerhouses such as "Google" formed broad patent alliances in which members agreed not to sue each other. However, the  Unstoppable Domains' vow is unclear because no legally binding documents back it up.

According to the company's lawyer, the vow is still important since Unstoppable Domains could suffer considerable brand loss if reneged. The organization encourages a collaborative environment and innovation throughout the Web3 naming space.

It acquired the patent mainly as a defensive measure against Web2 enterprises, some of which offer their own web identities and may be contested by Web3 and its decentralized approach.

Unstoppable Domains announced the patent pledge and included fifty-two new projects in the coalition, such as the crypto exchange Blockchain.com and Rarible.

The alliance's major purpose is to prevent conflicts in Web3 naming space, which would occur if two conflicting companies offered a mechanism to obtain the same handle, such as name-dot-crypto.

There isn't much the industry can do to prevent a shady character from providing a parody naming service. Still, from a practical standpoint, the rival service is unlikely to gain much traction because the alliance is working on establishing mutual identification of good actors, which is a procedure that will assist a valid domain name operation across dozens of cryptocurrency wallets and software.

In contrast, wallet and software providers can unlikely enable domain name incorporation to a malicious attacker. Unstoppable Domains asserts that it intends to approach ICANN to gain broader acceptance for Web3 names, which we will address later.

Yet, the popularity of Web3 names is rapidly increasing, with the alliance reporting that corporations have produced more than 3.4 million such domains in the last year alone. Let's see how unstoppable domains are making their way toward the metaverse.

Unstoppable Domains in Metaverse

Unstoppable Domains has also collaborated with Ready Player Me, a digital avatar creation tool, to make digital identities compatible in the Metaverse. It enables users to create and transport avatars across many metaverse platforms, such as Spatial and Somnium Space.

Users can create avatars and use them as their PFP using Ready Player Me. The streamlined method allows users to link to an established Ready Player Me account or upload a photo of themselves to auto-generating an avatar with a personal appearance.

Customers who link their avatar to their Unstoppable identity will access over 6,000 Ready Player Me applications, games, metaverses, and Unstoppable's 650 partner applications.

The Unstoppable Profile is at the heart of every user's digital identity, and interoperability flows like blood. Users can imagine their avatar becoming the focal point of their virtual identity across all of their favorite metaverses.

The company is pleased about the partnership's capacity to give identification to their avatars. As a result of the agreement, users can easily register Unstoppable Domains and extend their digital identity across metaverse networks.

Even before Unstoppable developed its line of solutions, it aimed at making Web3 identities available and interoperable.

Unstoppable Domain customers could take advantage of all the features given by Unstoppable Domains, which establish a single location for displaying their virtual identities. This endeavor is not surprising, but it represents a new sector trend.

Unstoppable Domains has also released its mobile app for easy accessibility to wallets, metaverses, and dApps, as well as Etherescan and Polyscan, which allow users to search Unstoppable Domains, addresses on blockchain data explorers.

Do Unstoppable Domains Expire?

The rise of blockchain technology has prompted many users to adopt personalized identities. However, if you are looking for a domain to use, you would not want to take the chance of losing ownership.

As previously stated, Unstoppable domains are owned in perpetuity; does this imply that they do not expire? Unstoppable Domains, of course, never expire. Once you pay the initial charge and acquire the domain, you own it perpetually.

However, because ICANN does not govern it, you can sell, transfer, or burn it. There are also no ongoing fees for holding the name; because it is decentralized, no entity can censor or cancel the domain.

Ownership is significant in Web3, and we have long advocated for it. Unstoppable Domains is working hard to provide items that people can own wholly and have complete control over.

Unlike ordinary domains that use DNS, Unstoppable domains are constructed on CNS, as previously discussed. These domains are a collection of smart contracts that run on blockchain technology. However, CNS acts similarly to DNS, but some significant distinctions distinguish Unstoppable Domains:

  • CNS Domains are a one-time investment that does not require annual renewals.
  • CNS Domains cannot be regulated or controlled by any entity, and even Unstoppable Domains cannot retake it.
  • CNS Domains give the domain holder complete ownership.
  • CNS Domains are NFTs issued on protocols based on smart contracts, making each one unique.

Unstoppable Domains are minted as NFTs on the Ethereum, Polygon, and Zilliqa blockchains, making them perpetually renewable. The person who mints it decides the transferring and exchanging process of the domain.

Because the Ethereum blockchain is the most decentralized blockchain with numerous features, the risk of your NFT Domain being censored or canceled is zero. Therefore, don't be concerned.

It is also vital to understand how decentralized your domain is. When it comes to Unstoppable Domains, we have previously covered more about it above (for those who skipped it, for those who didn't already know about it).

Technically, each CNS domain must utilize a unique Resolver address, but for the sake of simplicity, the majority of the domains are maintained by the same smart contract. Furthermore, each Unstoppable Domain is identified by a unique number (TokenID).

This is common among all Ethereum-based NFTs, and a tokenID is obtained by employing the Namehash method, which is a mechanism that turns a domain name into a human-readable domain name.

There are no additional fees or charges for owning Unstoppable Domains other than the original purchase cost and the related gas fee. Because your domain is held on blockchain, you will never be charged a recurring fee by anyone.

This is the primary distinction between a DNS domain and Unstoppable Domain. When you purchase a DNS name, you are simply renting server space. Traditional domains have an annual cost because of this.

Although other providers allow users to pay in advance to acquire a domain for ten years, because of this structure, if you fail to re-register the domain within the specified time frame, it will expire and become publicly open for sale, allowing someone else to seize it.

That someone might also overhear your hard-worked content and make it as their own, leaving you with nothingness and regression, making it difficult for you to get back since if the front party knows the necessity, they might demand a higher value that is much more expensive than the content.

This also means that you will be paying for the domain for the duration of your website's life, potentially costing thousands of dollars in renewal costs. Since Unstoppable Domains are decentralized, governments and other organizations will fail to regulate your content.

One of the primary reasons why most users prefer Unstoppable Domains is its security. Here are several methods for censoring your traditional domains:

Regional Prohibit: Governments can identify and determine which websites are displayed in their country and choose any website to block access to a domain.

De-register: The government can often de-register a domain, equivalent to erasing your complete existence, presence, information, data, and everything.

Governments all across the world are not afraid to use these capabilities. Over 8,000 websites are currently blocked in China, and the decentralized websites you establish with Unstoppable Domains are resistant to such restrictions and assaults.

There are several reasons for this. The first is that the domain address is maintained on a blockchain, making it difficult for centralized power, such as a government, to control it. Furthermore, the domain proprietor claims absolute authority over the domain, which includes decision and management power.

You gain total and exclusive domain ownership when you purchase an Unstoppable Domain. When the transaction is complete, your domain is assigned to the wallet address, which is then logged on the blockchain, proving your ownership.

This capacity to control the domain gives you several options for how to use it, including:

  • Unstoppable Domain may be easily transferred and moved from one crypto wallet to another.
  • You can sell your Unstoppable Domain as described above, with all the stages and processes involved in selling or flipping.
  • You have ownership over the domain, can attach the website content, and collect payments.

Unstoppable Domains on Ownership & Privacy of Users’ Data

Unstoppable Domains provide an infrastructure for "the people" to own and control their data, allowing them to contribute information to their decentralized domains and allow applications, games, and metaverses to access the information to improve and personalize their experience.

Yet, in this case, the user holds the cards because you pick what data to publish and what not to share. Unlike Web2, Unstoppable Domains is developing a system in which people own and govern their data sharing rather than the companies and platforms to which they have access.

When we check in to any application on the centralized web, we sign in with our email credentials, make an account with a phone number, or just create (a rare case scenario), but do we control what we post? No.

The organizations or platforms we use own and control the data we share and upload, and if they want, they may permanently remove our account, leaving us with nothing but a warning that our account has been destroyed.

Furthermore, these firms sell your data to other organizations to generate advertising money, which is why we are surprised when we search for something on Google or Instagram and a related commercial appears.

The data you add, such as your profile information, the data on the blockchain network, and other metadata, such as your engagement statistics via the Unstoppable Domain website and APIs, are the three primary data sources used for your NFT domain identity.

However, when you use Unstoppable domains on Web3, your data, information, and any asset you own, whether it's a collection or your reputation, is all yours, and you have complete control over what happens to it and how you want to personalize your experience.

Let's examine how Unstoppable Domains uses your profile data and how you are the single owner of your digital holdings!

When you first purchase Unstoppable Domain, only your wallet address is paired with the domain for ownership timestamp. The smart contract produces a public blockchain record of ownership with that exact name, including your signature and crypto address.

The on-chain data is always public, which is also a characteristic of blockchain technology, and it implies that your domain is yours to own in eternity. Once your Unstoppable account is connected to one or more on-chain wallet addresses, the name can be used to send and receive cryptocurrency.

To ensure the security of crypto payments, the addresses you associate with your Unstoppable Domain are available publicly on the chain. Additionally, on-chain data, like the community you belong to, can be viewed through the badges you acquire and display on your profile.

In addition to public on-chain data, your profile lets you have private off-chain data. As a result, it is up to the user to decide whether data should be visible, private, or public. You have complete control over the off-chain profile data you share.

This is true for both Unstoppable Domains and the services, games, and metaverses you can access through them. Login lets you share your off-chain profile information with the games and applications you use across Web3 for them to customize your experience.

It may be for displaying relevant skins or products or for displaying you on the scoreboard. Hence, on Web3 and while using Unstoppable Domains, data exchange via login is entirely optional and opt-in.

When you employ Login, you receive full visibility into what data the application is requesting access to, and these requests are divided into two tabs: needed and optional. If the app has a defined piece of data as necessary, you cannot proceed with the login.

If the data request is voluntary, you can choose which pieces of information you want to share with the application before logging in with your Unstoppable Domain. Assume Opensea requests a few pieces of your information, such as your domain records or wallet address.

In this situation, the client does not want to give certain information and will exit the login process. Email, profile information, and social media are the three other pieces of information that are fully optional.

Users have the right and power to uncheck it, store it privately, or not upload it to the Unstoppable Domain. Only the data the user has explicitly submitted will be displayed everywhere, regardless of the criteria.

Furthermore, Unstoppable Domains promises never to reveal the user's private email address with any apps. If the user authorizes them to do so, they will transmit a temporary email address redirected to your private email address.

This procedure was unlocked thanks to its Unstoppable Email feature, which allows users to receive a "[email protected]" email and negates the need for users to reveal their private email by using the proxy of it.

Users can just use their Unstoppable Domains to create a new email address and quickly encrypt their emails to add an extra layer of security. The user signs a message that authorizes access to the data with the accessibility of what they consent to give during the login process.

It can be the user's name, wallet address, social network links, NFTs, NFT PFPs, and so on. Rather than restarting from zero in the gated communities of data, you can simply keep all of this information in your wallet and then determine what portions to disclose when visiting any other application.

Login data is always stored off-chain, and access is restricted to only transmit when a user registers a transaction with their private key, similar to how we transfer cryptocurrencies. Hence, it is your keys and your data; you own everything that happened and will happen with it.

Nevertheless, simply owning the data is insufficient; to make it easier for users to govern the data shared with applications, Unstoppable delivers App Access, a simple administration alternative on the Unstoppable website that lets you sell on all the apps connected with login with Unstoppable.

It also displays the most recent login data, the frequency of logins, and the current details you have granted to each program. If you want to withdraw an app's access at any time, you may open the app inside App access management and then cancel all or specified app data by selecting "-."

Tap the preferences button next to data grouping, such as Personal Information. In that case, you can have more fine-grained privileges for each piece of data, and unchecking a setting and clicking the "confirm" button will save your decision not to transmit that data point to the application in the future.

Conversely, if you click the bigger "revoke access" button, the application can no longer access any data. To log back in, just go through the login procedure again and register with your wallet for data sharing.

You have accessibility in both revoked and operational applications, and you can simply categorize, filter, and search for individual apps. Several cryptocurrency users have associated their wallets directly with apps using only their address's permissioned smart contracts and then ignored them.

Although this is not a secure technique, utilizing Login with Unstoppable can be a much safer way to interact with apps over time. The company also claims to be strengthening the surveillance and safety aspects of the domain name, which you will not obtain simply by linking your address.

Every Unstoppable Domain owner can optimize their "UD-dot-me" profile by selecting which data to display publicly or only exchange with apps, games, and metaverses that the user approves.

Users can choose between public and private settings and erase material entirely from Unstoppable Domains servers. They can visit or share using "ud-dot-/domainname-dot-tld" to see what is visible to the public.

Unstoppable Domains have standard privacy settings, exacerbated by the fact that almost all blockchains are publicly accessible by default. Throughout time, the company claims to provide more possibilities for data storage, whether at Unstoppable, on IPFS, with the system, or on one or even more blockchains, cloud storage with the user's choice.

Confirmed off-chain data related back to an on-chain action, such as UD profiles, will soon be a key component of the internet's more private future. Unstoppable Domains is developing new methods for users to improve their data privacy.

As explained above, its initial experimentation was masking email addresses by utilizing a proxy address to forward emails. Now, it intends to keep its users updated on what is going on and who has accessed their data, what data they have accessed, and to allow them to switch off the accesses whenever they wish.

On Web2, data is likely to be housed in thousands of websites, and you have no idea what each one has. However, on Web3, you can readily access data sharing at any moment and eventually monitor and restrict the data a company uses.

Unstoppable Domains also allow the user to see what they are sharing when they login into an app whenever they wish to examine your user profile, and eventually in real-time whenever a sign-in occurs.

Imagine knowing immediately if your wallet has been compromised due to a notification of an unauthorized sign-in. What  Web3 guarantee is that you own and control your digital identity and that you are the user, not any organization.

Why should booming tech corporations always control the fun?  We may now foresee a new system in which individuals can opt-in to monetize their own data rather than granting access to it to a third-party application or platform.

Moving on to the technical and inner workings of Unstoppable Domains, it gathers your email address, phone number, and other information you provide on their website, especially when you opt-in to confirm a third-party account.

It might be your DNS records, social media accounts, or anything else; it collects every piece of information and may also record it on the blockchain. The company may augment the information on the user with data from other sources, which it may also include on its websites and services.

It automatically logs the information and the user and the system from which you log in, so when you visit a website, it logs the browser type, pages you have viewed, as well as how much time you spent on a page and connection times, and data about your consumption and activities on its website.

To provide you with a more customized immersive environment of the webpage, it also records the relevant data using "cookies," limited data files stored on your hard drive by a webpage. It uses both session cookies, which expire once you close the web browser, and persistent cookies, which remain on the system until you delete them.

This type of data is gathered to ensure that the website and activities are more beneficial to the user and to customize your experience to match your specific requirements.

The information you provide on its website can also be released on the blockchain using its software, which allows you to broadcast transactions on a public ledger or the blockchain network.

There is no way to restrict how others may access your private information once it has been publicized to the blockchain network, so think of your Unstoppable Domains as a "public profile" similar to other common social media accounts and understand that other people will have the ability to view the data that the user publishes on Unstoppable.

Assume you posted information about yourself in its portal, and it was preserved in the blockchain; this implies the information is now publicly available permanently, and the portal may utilize your private information in the following ways:

It can utilize your personal details for website operations, maintenance, and improvement, as well as the addition of customized products and services. It may also use your personal details to reply to comments and concerns and provide customer services, which have not yet occurred.

It may also use your personal information to deliver information such as notifications, invoicing, upgrades, assistance and administrator communications, safety updates, and technical notices, as well as to communicate about offers, events, or articles relevant to the products and services.

It may also utilize your personal information to protect you from cybercrime and investigate and deter fraudulent, unauthorized, unlawful acts. Hence, there are always two sides to any coin, and retaining your data has some benefits aside from all the negative publicity it has already generated.

So, unstoppable Domains' website is actually hosted on the centralized web, and these are the necessary elements being practiced by every other website you are visiting, like Instagram, and even worse is what is happening on their backend.

But, when it comes to Unstoppable Domains and its alternatives, they are attempting to provide you with a space to commercialize and own your identity. Moving on to the article, it could also disclose your private data but with your permission.

You can communicate private data with others by publishing it on the blockchain; but once this data has been released, it cannot be unpublished because one of the major purposes of the blockchain system is to enable provenance by providing accurate and irreversible record-keeping.

It may also communicate your private data when conducting a business transaction and negotiating a transaction that involves the sale or transfer of all or a portion of a business or assets. These transactions may include financial support, liquidation exchanges, proceedings, acquisitions, mergers, etc.

It can utilize your personal details for those mentioned legal, protection, and safety purposes, as well as to comply with relevant laws, react to legitimate demands and legal proceedings or protect Unstoppable Domains Inc.'s rights and property.

This also involves enforcing agreements, policies, and terms of use and providing information in emergencies involving the safety of workers, clients, agents, or customers. It can also share the information with other partners who collaborate with them.

As previously stated, because it is based on the centralized web, all of this information should be familiar to any user as these are the fundamentals of how Google and other companies collect user information, which is also why Unstoppable is encouraging users to purchase Unstoppable Domains and leap to the decentralized server to experience its autonomous qualities and learn the difference.

Now that we've learned about private information and data exchange using Unstoppable Domains' official website and domains let's look into dapps and UD-dot-ME Unstoppable Email.

It could share your "ud-dot-me" email address with third-party decentralized applications to enhance your personalization to the extent that your email address includes your personal details that may be communicated with other dApp, which is a distinct and autonomous regulator again of your private details.

When it transfers your personal information to a dApp, it also takes reasonable steps to ensure that the dApp has adequate technological and organizational safeguards in place to secure your personal information and complies with applicable data protection laws.

The portal, on the other hand, promises to provide links to third-party websites or companies that are linked with, to provide users with the convenience of relevant websites, which include the data and content they possess from you.

Your surfing and engagement on any other service or website are governed by the rules and regulations of the applicable third party, not the portals. You use a third-party website or service entirely at your own risk.

However, its services are not designed for children under 16, nor does it intentionally solicit or gather data from children under 16. If the portal understands in any way that private data was gathered accidentally from a child under 16, the information will be deleted as soon as possible.

The platform reserves the right to modify its "privacy policy" at any time and its sole and absolute discretion, and it will also inform people about such substantive changes, so don't worry; it will deliver you a formal statement to your primary email address, post it on its website, or communicate through suitable means of communication.

The user must examine the Privacy Policy regularly since any changes will be effective for all users. It puts adequate technical and organizational safeguards in place to protect users' personal information from accidental or unlawful deletion, loss, alteration, or damage.

All personal information collected from users is maintained in the cloud hosting provider on secure servers. They will never spam you with unsolicited emails or call you to request payment information or national identity numbers.

Personal information collected by the portal may be transferred to and kept in countries other than yours or even where Unstoppable Domains and its third-party network operators are present.

If you live in the EEA, Switzerland, or the United Kingdom, your private details may be transferred outside of these countries, including the United States. In such cases, the company ensures that private data is sent to countries that are regarded as providing an equivalent degree of protection.

It also assures that the transaction is carried out in accordance with relevant protections, such as the European Commission's statutory data protection measures. It can also utilize your personal information to remove and reduce the danger of theft or credit risk.

It also provides you with certain rights over your personal information, such as the ability to access and seek confirmation of whether or not the company is processing the user's personal information in line with applicable privacy law.

The information concerning the types of personal information processed and the objectives for which the private data is utilized is used to determine the relevant retention periods. The types of users with whom it discloses your personal information and a copy of the private details are kept for holding on you.

Users have entire rights to acquire a version of the private details you've given to them in a standardized, widely used, machine-readable format that facilitates the re-use or seek transfer of the private information to another person in certain circumstances.

Users also have the right to obtain without excessive delay rectifying any incorrect or insufficient private details it holds about them, as well as the right to request that portal erase their details without undue delay if the prolonged production process of that private details is not justified.

Users have the right to request that Unstoppable Domains limit the purposes for which it processes their personal information if the continuous processing of the information is not justified, such as when the user disputes the correctness of the personal information.

Users have the option to withdraw their consent in specific cases where the website requires it for the processing of their personal information. If you have given consent, you have the right to withdraw it, and if you do, it will not affect the legality of its use of your private details before your withdrawal.

Users also have the right to object to any processing based on legitimate interests if there are grounds relevant to their specific circumstances, as there may be sufficient grounds for continuing to process your personal information, in which case it will analyze and notify you.

You may also oppose marketing operations for any reason, as you have complete legal authority. You also have the right to file a complaint with your local data protection authority. If you live in the European Union, information on approaching your local privacy regulator is accessible, as previously mentioned.

However, due to the sensitive nature of data processing, Unstoppable Domains requires evidence of identity when exercising the preceding rights. This can be accomplished by giving a scanned copy of valid identifying documentation or a signed photocopy of a legal identity document.

Unstoppable emails could include tracking pixels that determine whether or not you opened an email sent to you, how many times you read it, and whether or not you clicked on any hyperlinks in that email.

Most major email services allow you to prevent these pixels by removing specific external photos in emails. You may do this using your email client's settings, which normally allow you to choose whether emails will show "remote images," "remote content," or images by the standard.

You can also download and install extensions that prevent pixels and other related stuff in some browsers. So these are the various terms and privacy problems you should be informed of and the negative and positive rights you possess.

As previously said, it is built on centralized servers, and even Unstoppable Domains' official website is subject to ICANN restrictions, which thankfully do not apply to the NFT Domains it sells, so we are safe, and it is smarter if you go to a decentralized domain if you are concerned about data piracy.

Now that we've covered everything there is to know about Unstoppable Domains let's delve into Blockchain technology and grasp the legal hurdles to thoroughly understand the technology you'll be using.

From online transactions to decentralized applications and simplified supply chain operations, blockchain technology and NFT Domains have many powerful and intriguing use cases. But now, let's concentrate on the legal challenges because the positive aspects have already been discussed in detail throughout the entire Unstoppable Domain FAQ article.

Let us first examine how blockchain works. Blockchain technology is a decentralized information ledger that is publicly owned and accessible, but the information it records cannot be modified once it has entered the blocks.

Blockchain's immutability and openness make it extremely useful for decentralization, safety, anonymity, and the abolishment of ledgers. Cryptocurrency, the digital currency powered by blockchain, provides a level of secrecy and anonymity that traditional currency just cannot match.

While this has obvious advantages, it also raises legal concerns. Authorities want to ensure that criminals are unable to misuse blockchain and cryptocurrency. Because of the inherent secrecy of blockchain-based transactions, it is feasible to swap funds anonymously, which can be exploited by criminals looking to conceal their illicit behavior.

Governments may soon begin seeking to render NFT Domains and blockchains less confidential. Blockchain companies may face pressure to strike a balance between the technology's current privacy and anonymity and a more legally compliant structure that decreases the likelihood of crime.

The issue over blockchain privacy and its legality isn't going away anytime soon since legislators are mainly concerned with reducing crime and removing resources for criminals.

The crypto community is eager to point out that people have a right to privacy. Making the decentralized environment less private and anonymous attacks citizens' privacy, making it no different than centralized browsers.

One of the most significant regulatory hurdles with blockchain is that if cryptocurrencies were also considered securities, they would be subject to SEC regulations, which means that blockchain and cryptocurrency companies will be subject to a slew of legal obligations and requirements that apply to NFT Domains.

Telegram launched an ICO, which is a common method for blockchain firms to raise cash. In 2019, the SEC ceased operations because the tokens were sold illegally, and Telegram negotiated with the SEC and agreed to repay over $1.2 billion to its shareholders.

Telegram was also charged with a fee of $18.5 million for civil penalties. So, what's the difference between federal and state blockchain laws? Various institutions manage how cryptocurrency and other aspects are regulated under federal law.

The organizations that govern cryptocurrencies and other blockchain potential components are the Securities and Exchange Commission, the Federal Trade Commission, the Department of Treasury, the Commodities and Futures Trading Commission, the Internal Revenue Service, and the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network.

Despite the intimidating army of prospective enforcers, there has been virtually little federal legislation. When it comes to state laws, it is a different matter. Many states have passed positive legislation relating to cryptocurrency and blockchain.

On a state level, there is a significant variance in how technology has been regarded, with some jurisdictions favoring it and others being considerably tougher. Wyoming is more crypto-friendly, having recently approved legislation exempting cryptocurrency from property taxation.

Colorado is another state that has passed a bipartisan bill to promote the adoption of blockchain for governmental record-keeping. Arizona and Georgia have also taken moves to legalize Bitcoin as a tax payment method.

Yet, dozens of other states, including California and New Mexico, have warned investors about cryptocurrencies. New York is yet another case in point that has been criticized for its crypto legislation.

Anti-money laundering legislation is another potential legal hurdle for Blockchain companies. The Bank Secrecy Act governed money-services firms, including virtual currency exchanges.

This implies that cryptocurrency exchanges must conduct risk assessments to determine their exposure to money laundering and then establish anti-money laundering policies based on the results of such studies.

There are a few other things you should be aware of. Americans are forbidden from transacting with foreign nationals on a specifically designated national and prohibited entity list, and failure to comply can be lethal.

BitMex is a cryptocurrency exchange headquartered in Seychelles that was ostensibly not accepting US customers.

When they were discovered to be supplying US customers, US officials ticketed the five companies and three individuals who controlled and managed the company for functioning an unlicensed trading platform in violation of CFTC regulations and the Bank Secrecy Act.

Even for NFT Domains, resolving legal concerns around blockchain technologies is difficult because there is still a lot of uncertainty about the regulatory and legal landscape around blockchain.

What we do know for the time being is that as soon as new rules and regulations are enacted, enterprises in this field must guarantee that they completely adhere to these rules and provide the required reassurances to their clients and investors.

Smart contracts are frequently touted as a possible replacement for traditional legal processes and lawyers, but some people in favor believe that they may not yet fully replace but will instead form small parts of larger transactions for the time being because overall exchanges are too complicated to be performed by smart contracts alone.

Nonetheless, smart contracts have numerous legal benefits, such as self-executing contracts and eliminating middlemen. Yet, other issues must be addressed, such as the chance of code errors and defects that could sink entire contracts.

As blockchain and decentralization become more widely used and recognized, they may come under increased legal scrutiny. Anybody entering this field or wishing to establish their own blockchain initiative should engage with a lawyer who understands the problems and can help you chart a safe course.

But you may be wondering why we brought up cryptocurrencies in this discussion. This is because we will be transacting cryptocurrency utilizing our NFT Domains, which implies that all of the laws will also be relevant to domain technology.

But, before we settle on a specific law, NFT Domain technology does not yet have a complete description, which it will after Web3 technology is fully established, so there is still room for decentralized tech laws and regulations to be enforced.

But, while you wait for those, it's worthwhile to comprehend the pre-existing web2 rules and regulations, as well as the difficulties and challenges, which is why we went over all of the relevant information, and we hope you found it helpful.

How Unstoppable Domains Protect Brands?

Unstoppable domains safeguard brands by preserving their domains. Protected domains connect with any brand, company, or well-known individual. Unstoppable Domain believes that doing so is essential for encouraging the adoption of the next generation of the internet by assisting brands in transitioning to the Web3 era.

(Your domains are ready; simply mint and go to Web3)

Anyone can apply for a protected domain, but they must first fill out the Protected Brands Form, which is evaluated, reviewed, and approved by the Unstoppable Domains team. If a domain is displayed as "unreleased," it may be released as a premium or protected domain after manual inspection.

Premium Domains are concise, standard, and popular domains that Unstoppable Domain has been publishing carefully constantly and by genre. Several Unstoppable Domains are currently available as premium domains.

Protected brands are words connected with well-known entities, personalities, products, etc. If any user other than the brand attempts to obtain these domains, there is a big chance of fraud, phishing, or different sorts of brand and product mismatch.

Because there is no global database of firms, brands, or celebrities, proof of brand owners will be based on a combination of live websites, trademark databases, and social media profiles, which are required when filling out the form for safeguarding a domain.

Unstoppable Domains now exclusively protects trademarks registered with the United States Patent and Trademark Office. When multiple parties have a legitimate claim to a domain, it will be auctioned off, or the domain with a trademark across various TLDs will be distributed among reasonable claimants.

These domains will not be accessible for general purchase and can only be minted by the proprietors of the related names. Unstoppable Domains believes that the existing internet ecosystem must be prioritized to onboard the great majority of consumers in the crypto sector.

Several firms have spent large sums of money over the last 25 years to establish brands online. Unstoppable domains seek to launch and help these brands to develop their presence similarly on Web3 using Unstoppable Domains.

If not, it may discourage users and businesses of all sizes from participating in the decentralized ecosystem. This issue must be addressed from the start because domains are irretrievable once distributed.

Those who want to claim a protected brand domain must:

  • Adhere to the Protected Brands Policy.
  • As a condition of claiming the domain name, users must provide Unstoppable Domain a limited, royalty-free, non-exclusive, and fully funded global license to use, reproduce, distribute, and publish the claiming entity's name, primary trademarks, and logos for publicity purposes.

Pricing will be provided at the brand's request. Those seeking to buy branded or protected domains must fill out and submit the form on the official Unstoppable Domains website.

Rolling out technology requires considerable focus to ensure that not just the appropriate product is developed but that the product is also used in ways that are beneficial to the world. Within the Web3 domain, brand protection is integral to the policy process.

Because domain distribution is permanent, problems must be resolved ahead of time. While getting domain distribution entirely right is impossible, much more can be done to preserve the brands, but it would undermine decentralization attributes.

Unstoppable domains seek to use Web3 domains as they were meant, as a bold tool for free speech and free enterprise worldwide. If a web3 domain becomes a shelter for scams, criminal actors, and other illegal activity, it will undoubtedly create a negative impression and impact adoption.

How to Add an Avatar on Unstoppable Domain?

Placing an Unstoppable Domain symbol on your NFT domain is an old trend now that everybody uploads personalized avatars. You may also join the movement because Unstoppable domains let anyone add an avatar to their domain and similarly reflect all changes on OpenSea and other alternative marketplaces.

It should be noted that only ERC-721 and ERC-1155 NFT Domains are supported for this on the following chains:

  • Ethereum Mainnet
  • Avalanche Mainnet
  • Binance Smart Chain Mainnet
  • Polygon Mainnet
  • Fantom Mainnet

How do Unstoppable Domains extract NFTs based on these blockchains?

Ethereum Mainnet: All NFTs are obtained using the OpenSea API, and the requirements do not pertain to a hidden OpenSea collection. Be aware that if your NFT does not appear, your Unstoppable domain might have been in the remote tab by default.

To reveal the domain, hit the three dots at the top of the asset and select "unhide." NFT is coined and deposited into the user's wallet. It is a static image that is neither animated nor a simple multimedia file. If your NFT is coined on Polygon or Ethereum, it will need a token URL.

Most confirmed NFT projects will have it, but other chains are pulled through the Moralis API, which Unstoppable Domains cannot access. NFT is minted again in the user's wallet, and the image is static rather than dynamic or a media file.

Here's how to add an NFT Avatar to Unstoppable Domain from your desktop:

  • Launch Unstoppable Domains and go to "my domains."
  • Now, click "manage," then "add an avatar," and select the NFT you want to use as your avatar.
  • If you have numerous NFTs minted, search by copying and pasting the NFT's link or contract address into the appropriate search bar.
  • After you've made your choice, scroll down to the bottom and click "confirm changes."
  • You will then be required to select a wallet and sign a transaction. You only need to wait a few minutes or an hour for the modifications to take effect.

Here’s how you can add an NFT Avatar to Unstoppable Domain via Browser/Mobile:

  • Start your wallet's dApp browser and go to the official unstoppable domains page.
  • Sign up with your login information and link your dedicated wallet. Select "my domains" from the menu.
  • Next to the domain to which you want to add the NFT Avatar, click "manage" and click "add an avatar."
  • Now, hit "choose NFT" and select the "selected one" NFT that you want to represent on the decentralized ecosystem. You can also search for an NFT, as we did above.
  • After you've chosen the NFT, click "done" and scroll down to "confirm changes."
  • You will then be invited to select your wallet, sign a transaction, and you are done! Similarly, you will have to wait a few minutes or even an hour.

How to Ensure the NFT Avatar has a TokenURI?

The uploaded NFT avatar must make an on-chain call to a token URL to function. Technically, the smart contract that generates the NFT requires an on-chain link to the picture, source code, or metadata.

Suppose an NFT does not have a token URI but is still accessible on the Unstoppable Domain administration interface. In that case, this is because the NFT images are read directly from the OpenSea API by the system.

Once the NFT is allocated as an avatar, the domain will no longer be able to locate the on-chain image. To determine whether your NFT contains an on-chain call to a token URI, locate your NFT on OpenSea and note its TokenID; the URL may then be found at the bottom.

Now, scroll to the bottom to item activity and click on any log's data column. Now, under the transaction action, locate and activate the NFT collection's token on the blockchain; from here, you may examine the smart contract details for the collection. Go to "contract," then "read the contract." (done)

You may link your Unstoppable Domain profile to Discord, Reddit, Telegram, Twitter, and YouTube. You must log in with your credentials, connect your wallet, and then click "manage" to add your social links.

Ensure you're in the "profile" area under "manage." Scroll down to the bottom of the page to discover:

Discord & Unstoppable Domains

Copy your discord username and #code, which you can find by logging into your discord and hovering over your username in the lower left corner of your desktop. Enter your Discord username and code into the Discord area beneath your social account, then click "confirm."

Now, click "verify," and you'll be asked to sign in to your Discord account. Read the Privacy and Policy and the Terms of Service before clicking "authorize." You will then be routed to your domain profile, where you will notice a verification "check" next to your Discord username.

Reddit & Unstoppable Domains

Enter your Reddit username or Profile URL, then click "confirm." Now, click "verify," and if you haven't already, sign in using Reddit. You'll be prompted to confirm if you want to link your Reddit account to your Unstoppable Domain profile.

You will then be returned to your domain profile on Unstoppable Domains. You should notice a tick on the left side of your Reddit handle, indicating that you have completed the Reddit verification process.

Telegram & Unstoppable Domains

Navigate to your Telegram username by logging in and selecting "settings." In your social accounts area, enter your Telegram username in the Telegram field and click "confirm." To authenticate, you must sign in and link your Telegram account.

Approve the message from the Telegram app, and you will be directed to your domain profile on Unstoppable domains, where you can find the verified "check" next to your Telegram username.

Twitter & Unstoppable Domains

Check that you have already signed in to Twitter on the same browser you are using to view the official website of unstoppable domains. Copy and paste your Twitter profile URL and click "confirm."

It would be best to verify that the Twitter account is yours and linked to your email for it to appear under your profile. Now, click "verify," and you will be redirected to your domain profile, where you will see the verified "check" next to your Twitter account.

YouTube & Unstoppable Domains

Now enter your entire YouTube channel ID, which you can find by signing into YouTube, hitting the circle in the top-right corner, and then navigating to "your channel." The URL will appear in your browser's URL bar (obviously).

Now, enter the channel URL and press the "confirm" button. After reviewing the Privacy Policy and Terms of Service, verify and click "allow." You should now notice a check to the left of the Channel URL, indicating that the operation was successful.

How to add a custom Unstoppable Domain Token to Wallet?

Some wallets display all domains, while others do not and display the minted domains. You can manually add a smart contract tokens address to the wallet to access your minted domains in your profile.

All of your assets are permanently stored on the blockchain, and the fact that you cannot see the domain does not imply that they do not exist. Open your wallet browser and look for the following domains on Polygon:

  • Launch your wallet and select "import tokens" from the "assets" menu.
  • Add your dedicated address below the Token Contract Address, which will auto-populate the Token Symbol area with Unstoppable Domains.
  • Now, under Token Decimal, enter "0."
  • Now enter "custom token" and import the token. The number of domains in your wallet will now be displayed.

Open your wallet browser for the domains on Ethereum:

  • Launch your wallet and, under "assets," select "import tokens."
  • Add the following address beneath the contract address; you have two possibilities - CNS/UNS.
  • Now, under "token decimal," enter "0," then click "add custom token" and "import token."
  • You can now see the number of domains in your wallet.

Simply open your wallet browser for the domains on Mobile Wallet App:

Some mobile apps do not display NFTs minted on the Polygon blockchain, and only NFTs minted on the Ethereum blockchain. When shifting between these networks, you can only see specific NFTs and for domains on Polygon, so perform the following:

  • Go to Unstoppable Domains' "my transactions" page and click the "tx id" link.
  • This will take you to the PolygonScan, where you will see the Token ID in the transaction, which you should copy.
  • Now, open the MetaMask Mobile app, connect it to the Polygon network, and select NFTs.
  • Now, hit "import NFTs" and enter the smart contract token address under the address.
  • Paste the Unstoppable Domain's Token ID under ID and click "import."
  • The domain is now visible in the NFT portion of the mobile wallet app.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Unstoppable Domains

Everyone needs a cryptocurrency wallet address, often known as a public address, to connect to the cryptocurrency ecosystem, whether through a wallet, a website, or the creation of digital identities.

You may also have observed that some online programs take cryptocurrency donations and disclose their wallet address (Send your donations here). Exposing your wallet address does not include any harm as you still have the private key secured (don't lose the private key).

But typing the wrong address and making even minor typos would cause you harm by losing the funds for both parties. When you're in front of a computer, exchanging cryptocurrency seems simple, but during a live transaction, things become more challenging.

Cryptographic addresses are machine-readable, which is not an easy thing to remember. Every crypto address starts with "0x" and is followed by 40 hexadecimal characters that humans cannot remember.

It is an excellent method for identifying unique wallet addresses. However, it presents some difficulties for human or manual transactions. The best, if not the only, way is to open the wallet application, copy the wallet address, return to the transaction, paste the copied wallet address, and be done (exhausting).

If you have your wallet address written anywhere on paper and exchange it with exchanging paper notes, it does not indicate that the sender is preventing mistakes. Still, it does raise the likelihood of making more mistakes.

Mistakes made during any transaction result in permanent loss of funds. The core issue is that machine-readable strings of addresses, like programming languages, are optimized for machines rather than humans.

However, with the widespread adoption of blockchain technology and wallet integration, the demand for human-readable names has increased to make every operation simple and humanistic. This is where Unstoppable Domains comes in for the rescue!

Unstoppable Domains are constructed very differently than standard domains owing to their decentralized blockchain technology with several functionalities. However, before settling on any service or technology, it is always advisable to comprehend both sides.

Here are the Pros and Cons of Unstoppable Domains to help you understand the technology!

Unstoppable Domains Pros:

  • Unstoppable Domains are a one-time investment. It means that once a user purchases or registers Unstoppable Domain, the user owns it forever. There are no subscription or renewal costs. It is a time and data saver that removes third-party interventions and gives the domain owner complete administration and control of the Domain.
  • These domains exist, revolve, and are based on blockchain technology, which is incredibly secure and resistant to brute-force attacks.
  • It is simple to use and makes all other operations, such as sending and receiving cryptocurrencies, NFTs, or anything else involving a wallet, simple and convenient.
  • Due to their decentralized structure, these domains are resistant to irregular takedowns and provincial or border-based blocking. Websites housed on these domains cannot be taken down or exploited by anyone as the sole power activates the owner and not any centralized server.
  • These domains also provide native support for dApps making them more accessible.

Unstoppable Domains Cons:

  • Unstoppable Domains and its native decentralized technology are still in their early stages, and it is neither too distant nor too near to becoming mainstream.
  • It is not supported by all browsers and is only compatible with a handful (of supported browsers mentioned above).
  • For publishing a decentralized website employing Unstoppable Domains, users need a specific hosting provider that leverages InterPlanetary File System (IPFS). This limits it compared to standard hosting, even if the technology is boundless.

Features & Drawbacks of Unstoppable Domains

As previously said, instead of memorizing or writing down a crypto wallet address and then swapping it, you can personalize that address into a human-readable name; what else do you need? Not only that, but you may also incorporate several additional solutions with it!

Let's explore the features of Unstoppable Domains:

  • Unstoppable Domains gives the registered user complete control over the registered Domain and eliminates the need for third-party intervention.
  • Unstoppable Domains supports various decentralized wallets and enables seamless integration of other dApps with all of the capabilities and features of its native technology.
  • Unstoppable Domain names are unified log-in ID that allows you to communicate across the internet. Users can utilize their domains to integrate hundreds of dApps, as well as web2 app, metaverse, and e-commerce exchanges, in a single identity.
  • Unstoppable Domains safeguards your data while providing an additional layer of security and privacy for your digital identity.
  • Unstoppable Domains enables users to control their data and share it with other dApps.
  • Unstoppable Domains allows users to monetize their data while also allowing them to govern and control it by combining all of the applications into a single domain name, ensuring compatibility across the entire ecosystem and enabling you to decide what happens and what does not!

Now that we know all the features, let's explore the drawbacks of Unstoppable Domains:

  • Unstoppable Domains are still new and not extensively embraced beyond the crypto community. Aside from people familiar with cryptocurrency and blockchain, others are unaware of burgeoning NFT Domains and web3.
  • Unstoppable Domains are one-time investments, both a benefit and a disadvantage. If the user loses the wallet, no one can reclaim the goods held in that wallet, whether they be bitcoins or NFT Domains.
  • Unstoppable Domains are crypto-centric and can only be hosted on specific browsers, limiting their versatility even further.

If you try to identify additional problems of these decentralized blockchain domains, you will only find a handful that is unavoidable. However, if you try to find the drawbacks of traditional domains, you will find a long list of significant and little disadvantages that we will explore later.

Now that we've examined all of the benefits and drawbacks of Unstoppable Domains, it's up to you to determine which is best for you. We've gone over all its characteristics, and we're confident you now have a clear picture.

Unstoppable Domain is a new feature for many, but once you learn about it and comprehend the decentralized notion, you will undoubtedly use it. Its decentralized capabilities are not only appealing but also effective.

Should you Buy an Unstoppable Domain?

(Recap) If you want complete control over a safe and uncensored website, you should buy an Unstoppable Domain.

Unstoppable Domain simplifies the crypto addresses for hosting a decentralized website and makes it convenient to adapt to other blockchain technologies with many more features unlocked!

Here are several compelling reasons to get an Unstoppable Domain:

  1. One-time payment with no renewal costs.
  2. There are no extra-minting costs on Polygon Blockchain.
  3. Transfer and trade of cryptocurrency via domain name.
  4. Allows you to host a decentralized website.
  5. It includes native support for dapps and cryptocurrency.
  6. You may also purchase and sell these domains on other secondary marketplaces.

It is also worth noting that Unstoppable Domains, as a concept, is still in its infancy.

However, there are several disadvantages to acquiring Unstoppable Domains, such as:

  • All browsers do not support Unstoppable Domains.
  • Web hosting with Unstoppable Domains is likewise in its early stages, with limited offerings compared to regular domains, which are not equivalent but are at least decentralized.
  • Unstoppable Domains will undoubtedly gain widespread use, and only time will tell what they are capable of. However, it appears to have the potential for the time being.

What to do if you cannot access Unstoppable Domains to manage your domain?

When a user mints an Unstoppable domain and submits it on the blockchain, it departs the system provider, and the owner takes complete control via the crypto wallet and blockchain. This means that no matter what happens to Unstoppable Domains, the domain will always live on the blockchain under the owner's control.

However, if something were to happen to the unstoppable domain, does this imply you would no longer be able to utilize the existing tools, and how would you continue to administer your domain as you do on its official website?

Unstoppable Domain already comes with its own alternative set (unstoppable.crypto) where users may control their domain for a fully decentralized solution because it is hosted with a decentralized TLD which ensures it will remain on the web forever.

Furthermore, users can directly administer the domains of EtherScan and PolygonScan. Unstoppable Domain believes they have an essential role in the Web3 domain name system and that such steps are necessary to preserve such a standard.

No Shilling Domains of Unstoppable Domains on its Community Channels

Users can sell and offer their domains on a variety of third-party platforms. However, users are not permitted to promote domains for purchase to other Unstoppable Domains community members using their official channels.

Shilling other members of the Unstoppable Domains Community is strictly prohibited. However, some third-party channels are not affiliated with Unstoppable Domains and are run by community members who do not adhere to the abovementioned guidelines.

The "no shilling" rule only applies to:

  • Unstoppable Community - Telegram
  • Unstoppable Domains Animals - Telegram

What happens to the Unstoppable Domain name after a wallet is compromised?

Individuals who fear their wallet has been compromised must act quickly with the procedures we are about to present so that they may stay ahead of the problem. We'll walk you through everything you need to do if your resources (Unstoppable Domain) are hacked.

First and foremost, you must create a new wallet as soon as possible and enable 2FA. Instead of using a conventional wallet, we recommend downloading a reliable exchange and establishing a wallet like Coinbase. This will help you avoid a lot of things.

Transfer your assets from the hacked wallet to your new wallet containing your cryptocurrency, etc., as fast as possible. As we already specified, you can migrate the Unstoppable Domain on OpenSea to transfer your domains via your wallet.

Reset the login password on your compromised wallet, which may prevent the fraudulent individual from accessing your wallet via your device. Now, run a virus scan since harmful software, such as keylogging applications, may have been installed on your local device.

Double-check your bank account and place a hold on it if any unexpected transactions occur. If your wallet is linked to your bank account, there is a risk of unapproved payments from the compromised wallet. Therefore, disconnect it immediately.

Report the compromised assets with the related wallet to all possible exchanges. If funds are transferred from or to an exchange, notifying the exchange that you did not authorize the transfer may aid in the freezing or recovery of the assets.

Thus, when your wallet is compromised, these are your only options. Most of the time, it occurs when you unknowingly click on random sites and fall for a discount or other such activity, so never open any link or mention your wallet publicly.

Are there any alternatives to Unstoppable Domains?

Unstoppable Domains has built a known reputation in the NFT domain market owing to its decentralized capabilities and widespread adoption during the early stages of Web3, but is there any alternative? Yes, Quik Domains is the alternative to Unstoppable Domains.

Quik Domains is rapidly evolving within the Web3 space owing to its advanced functionality and unique name collection, which makes it the ideal alternative to the market norm set by Unstoppable Domains.

So, what distinguishes Unstoppable Domains from Quik Domains, even though they offer equivalent qualities, or do they both serve the same purpose?

Let's figure out what makes Unstoppable Domains different from its alternative Quik Domains, whether it's the TLD, Domains, Technology, Protocols, or the agenda, and also comprehend each's stance on society.

We've previously covered everything about Unstoppable Domains in this FAQ, so let's look at its alternative and understand the difference. Quik Domains are based on Ethereum and Blockchain protocols such as ERC-721, ERC-1155, and BEP-721, BEP-1155.

Quik Domains, like Unstoppable Domains, do not use a subscription model and provide permanent ownership of NFT Domains once registered. Quik Domains are one-time purchases priced according to the extent of the NFT Domain.

Quik Domains offers several TLDs similar to Unstoppable Domains, including the top and running TLD, dot-metaverse, dot-web3, and, most notably, the dot-vr domain like dot-nft, dot-crypto, and dot-wallet.

Everything we're talking about is akin to Unstoppable Domains, so are there any other features that differ from them in any way?

Okay, gentle reader, we're just getting started.

Quik Domains provides its customers with its own native $QUIK Token, which can be used for voting, minting, exchanging, and other functions, allowing the business to build a decentralized ecosystem. This method is significantly more practical than relying on other cryptocurrencies.

Unfortunately, it is only one conceivable strategy, but it is a distinct advantage. Quik Domains supports Ethereum and most coins, as well as ETH minting.

Furthermore, Quik Domains offers customers a 5-10% royalty on each future NFT Domain sale, making it a good source of passive income or a side hustle. Users can create Quik Domains and sell trade, and exchange them on their own marketplace.

Quik Domains' goal is to create a better-decentralized environment by allowing anyone to construct their own decentralized life, with the goal of making NFT Domains more accessible similar to Unstoppable Domains.

Both Unstoppable Domains and Quik Domains are on the same mission: to assist billions of people in arriving in decentralized space. What distinguishes them is the TLD choices provided by both services.

That simply means that users looking for a specific TLD can choose between Unstoppable Domains and Quick Domains; the rest of the features and abilities covered thus far in the article are equally applicable and compatible with Quik Domains as they are with Unstoppable Domains.

Is Unstoppable Domains a wise investment?

Unstoppable Domains are the topic of considerable discussion about whether they are a sensible investment. Some users believe they are a hoax, while others think they will be more valuable than gold.

However, you are free to decide whether Unstoppable Domains is a smart buy because we have already provided you with all the information you want. It is now up to you to determine the worth and value of this technology.

However, some jumpers are constantly looking for a conclusion; here's a summary with all the specifics to help you get the information quickly and effectively!

Domains that cannot be terminated or renewed are fantastic technology we have never seen before. These are simple to disregard as another crypto craze, which might fade away like other fads, so let's not rush to judgment.

These decentralized or blockchain domains are one-time purchases with no renewal fees and complete ownership and management rights after the domain is transferred to the wallet. This quality unquestionably makes it a prudent investment compared to traditional domains and their money-making mechanism.

Unstoppable Domains are likewise permissionless and run on a decentralized system. Every Unstoppable Domain is distinct, individual, and improvable, making it impossible to anticipate how the market will behave over time.

Unstoppable Domains uses blockchain technology to create easy and customizable URLs for the decentralized web. It is a new generation of web addresses based on blockchain technology and smart contracts.

These domains will be critical in establishing a considerably more decentralized online experience, with its interoperability feature putting connectedness and compatibility of the entire decentralized ecosystem as a primary goal.

This is established by granting users ownership rights to crypto wallets and web addresses and converting their machine-readable alphanumeric algorithm to human-readable for creating communication with humans (the product).

Of course, there is some risk in purchasing Unstoppable Domain, but when you get so much in exchange for such a modest investment, why won't you take the risk, which is also not severe compared to traditional domains?

What happens with conventional domains is that you get nothing despite paying a considerable amount. For most users, terms like ownership, control, and data management are essentially myths. Within the decentralized space, this becomes a reality.

When you acquire a domain name with Unstoppable Domains instead of a traditional domain registrar, the domain name is yours to keep forever. This gives you sole domain ownership, management, and administration, which you may then sell, trade, or exchange.

Unstoppable Domains enable cryptocurrency owners to execute transactions using their domains, making the entire process quick and straightforward. Because typing or copying/pasting addresses lengthened the procedure, it slowed the crypto acceptance and adoption.

  • Unstoppable Domains mints NFTs and sells them to users, referring to these domains as NFT Domains.
  • It is based on blockchain technology, referring to these domains as blockchain domains.
  • It is designed for web3 space, referring to these domains as Web3 domains.
  • It replaces crypto addresses, referring to these domains as Crypto domains.

Whatever it is, the underlying goal, process, function, operating system, and intention are all the same. It is a collection of domains committed to making web3 interoperable and accessible to everybody. Unstoppable Domains cannot filter or control these domains.

Although the service supplies these domains, once the wallet is minted and moved to the user's wallet, it loses all ties with the rest of the world and becomes purely the user's property, which is then handled, utilized, and owned by the wallet owner.

These are not governed by ICANN, which means they provide a safe harbor for content that can be prohibited, such as for activists, journalists, and others. Unstoppable Domains or any other authority can never prohibit or remove any content hosted on this domain.

Although breaking any rights may land the owner in hot water, the website will never be taken down, even if the owner is arrested. It is censorship-resistant, but it does not mean that any user or government cannot access your stuff.

If you keep it private, it might save you from all the trouble. However, suppose it infringes on any sentinel rights. In that case, no one can accept responsibility, and the domain owner is the only one who will have to face the government or any claim filed.

Yet, the website will remain on the internet indefinitely unless the owner puts it down.

That is why unstoppable domains also have a blockchain domain-based official website alternative ready for users in case anything goes wrong!

However, it is entirely up to you to determine whether or not Unstoppable Domain is a wise investment.

Happy Minting!

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It's important to note that the information and opinions presented in this article are the writer's personal views and are not representative of Quik.com or any other organization. Investing in NFT domains or any other form of cryptocurrency carries inherent risks, and it's important to conduct your own research and seek professional advice before making any financial decisions. The reader should always exercise due diligence before making any investment decisions and should not rely on the information presented in this article.